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  1. HAWKS12thMAN

    Just a simple queston

    Im sorry i dont have a simple anwser. I have never heard that term before. Curious myself now.
  2. HAWKS12thMAN

    75 gallon complete reef aquarium

    SOLD! I gave the lady who bought my tank the forums adress. Her name is Cindy, she will be logging on soon.
  3. HAWKS12thMAN

    75 gallon complete reef aquarium

    Im looking to get 750 out of it but i think KS is a little far away. I can help out most people in the NW transfer it
  4. HAWKS12thMAN

    75 gallon complete reef aquarium

    Life once again has trown a curve ball at me! Going back home to be closer to my daughter! I hope to start another tank after moving there! 500 gallons maybe.....LOL 75 gallon drilled all glass aquarium 20 gallon sump with filter sock 5 gallon feeder tank with filter red sea prizm...
  5. HAWKS12thMAN

    I am alive

    I do have emeralds but they rarly eat the stuff. Im afraid to say manual removal is an option but the out break is getting pretty severe so it would take tons of time. Im pretty sure its grape bubble algae also. BTW my brother paid some dumb kid to touch my lionfish while I was on vacation...
  6. HAWKS12thMAN

    I am alive

    Whats up guys and gals! Sorry I haven't been online in awhile but I have only limited acess to the net. Its trying having a saltwater tank in small towns like this. I have a problem I could really use some help figuring out. RED BUBBLE ALGAE! I have tried everything I can think of and I am still...
  7. HAWKS12thMAN

    Psycho Clowns

    Im glad im not the only one
  8. HAWKS12thMAN

    Has anyone ever built there own tank?

    Imagine you wake up to go to work, you walk down stairs and step into 90 gallons of water flooding your living room! The house stinks of murdered fish and dead live rock. Build the stand and the inset to the wall. Build a 15 gallon fuge. PLEASE dont build a DT tank. That has disater written all...
  9. HAWKS12thMAN

    algae, nitrates, lobsters

    Hey, It's me again, this time with some positive news at last. My 15g and everyone in it is doing fine - 2 months after cycling. I do have a couple of - perhaps unusual - concerns: 1) Purple algae (bacterial ancestors of our great mitochondria I'm told; they look like slimy purple sheets...
  10. HAWKS12thMAN

    ick or not ick

    Almost every tank has the ich parasite in it. If your fish's strees coat isnt strong the fish are more susciptable to the parasites hosting there tank.
  11. HAWKS12thMAN

    ick or not ick

    I agree with the C on this one. Think about how stressful it is for a fish to be moved from one eco system to another. My advise is to just leave it alone. dont stare at it or make quick movements around it. Avoid any rearanging of your aquascape. Avoid putting your hand in the tank completly...
  12. HAWKS12thMAN

    another stupid question

    Biff put a dap of super glue on your coral and attach it to the epoxy then put a glob on the part of the epoxy you want to atach to the rock. press it tight to wear you want it placed and hold for 2-3 min. they will never move again.
  13. HAWKS12thMAN

    My kenya trees spreading like weeds!!

    I pull out the rock and hit the xenias with a blowtorch! your fighting a losing battle!
  14. HAWKS12thMAN

    Psycho Clowns

    mine kills everything thats not in a school or a pair. And it hurts when that little @$$ bites between the fingers
  15. HAWKS12thMAN

    another stupid question

    SUPER GLUE GEL! I use it with epoxy or by its self. Works wonders.
  16. HAWKS12thMAN

    Think I found my problem....

    To be honest with everyone I havent tested or changed my water in 4 months. I run carbon all the time (I change it every 2-3 weeks) I clean my filter sock when it gets clogged, thats about the same time i empty my collection cup for the skimmer. I dose my tank with red sea calcium +3 once every...
  17. HAWKS12thMAN

    glass & rock

    I have alot of rocks on my back glass. I havent seen a scratch yet and it hasnt cracked and sent a new orleans flood in my living room either.
  18. HAWKS12thMAN

    whats this

    my guess would be speggetti (sp?). Harmless. check and see if they come out at night.
  19. HAWKS12thMAN

    Will a black hole open in my tank?

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of a trigger tank?
  20. HAWKS12thMAN

    Holy Crap...What Is This?????

    Thats a mantis! Put it in your sump!