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  1. the reef kid

    zoa frags

    Epoxy can also work in some situations.
  2. the reef kid

    ID this monti?

    I have a cap like that...I got it from greg hiller at a frag swap...he called it a flower petal cap. Judging from that pic that isn't a cap, but regardless it looks sweet. Here's my little frag when I first got it, the polyps are much more purple than this
  3. the reef kid

    Sick Candy Canes

    Water params? If all is well and something just pissed them off, they should open up soon. Candy canes should bounce back quickly unless something is seriously off.
  4. the reef kid

    Acan adult heads not opening

    There are 2 250w halides over my 90. That's what I was thinking, my temp has been a little high, but even now that it's back down they've been doing it. I'll just wait it out and see I guess, and now that I look again, the adult heads on a couple of them are extended a bit. I'll feed them...
  5. the reef kid

    Acan adult heads not opening

    I've had these acans for a while now, and until now they have been doing great. Now, however, the adult heads aren't opening, but the babies look fine. Has this ever happened to anyone? They are under 250w halides, towards the bottom of the tank, and as far as I know, nothing has picked at them...
  6. the reef kid

    when did you get your 1st coarl?

    I got my GSP about a month after my cycle finished, and after a year, I can't seem to get rid of it fast enough.
  7. the reef kid

    my first coral order

    Cultivated reef is great, my local club does group buys from them all the time. Looks like you got some nice stuff!
  8. the reef kid

    Non-Photosynthetic Reef Tank

    There's a person in my club that has an NPS, its really cool. For feeding basically he hooked up this thing sorta like a doser, but filled it up with food, so the corals are constantly getting fed.
  9. the reef kid

    Torch Coral Panic!

    The torch would beat both the shroom and candy cane. Sometimes my torch has 1 head closed every now and then, I think it's fairly normal.
  10. the reef kid

    How to overstock FOWLR/FOT

    YouTube - Police Pull Over Illegal Immigrants
  11. the reef kid

    Margaritta snail releasing smokey fluids?!

    My marroon clowns hate snails. If they see any they attack it until they are sure its dead. When they killed a group of margaritas, they did have "smoke" around them. It must be their souls.
  12. the reef kid

    H.o.b fuge on 10 gallon nano

    Well, I used an aquaclear, but it should be about the same thing. It may be slightly different for your filter, but on the AC, there was a little hole where the water comes in where the impellor is exposed to whatever is inside, and if this is true you will want to cover that hole so nothing...
  13. the reef kid

    H.o.b fuge on 10 gallon nano

    I built one of these for a 20 gal I had up for a little while, and I will tell you right now, do NOT put sand in it, for 2 reasons: it will blow it everywhere and make your tank cloudy, and your fuge will be empty, and it will ruin the filter. Other than that, your plan sounds good.
  14. the reef kid

    What Tang?

    My kole is actually pretty nice to all the other fish, I think it probably depends on the individual fish.
  15. the reef kid

    How to overstock FOWLR/FOT

    YouTube - Two Angry Camels in a Tiny Car
  16. the reef kid

    Strange New Creature In My Tank!

    The only thing other than aiptasia X for me is stabbing it with a hot sautering iron (out of water of course)
  17. the reef kid

    Problem with frogspawn - brown jelly?

    +1 little fish, and yeah, usually iodine is the way to go.
  18. the reef kid

    You must read this. I'm talking to you!

    IMO, the article has enough info: zoas can be dangerous, but not all are. In general be careful around them. That is the message the article portrays, and I agree with it. These are zoas chuysvt:
  19. the reef kid

    Going away

    I used an auto feeder on one of my freshwater tanks once, I was hoping it would work for 2 weeks. It dropped all the food into the water at once, and if you can't remember, in FW, there aren't any hermit crabs and snails to pick up the extra food for you, so I am now paranoid of the things...
  20. the reef kid

    Going away

    Next week, I'm going on vacation for a week, and the only person who we can find that will take care of our pets has no idea what to do for my tank...the tank is automated other than water changes and feeding, and it can definitely go a week without a water change, but as for feeding, the last...