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  1. Zissou

    Skunk Cleaner still hiding

    Some shrimp molt after a lot of stress, such as being moved. You might not see him for a couple of days if that's what he's up to, but when he's hardened up he'll be all over the place. They can be downright annoying sometimes. :mrgreen:
  2. Zissou

    what are these critters

    I believe those are stomatellas and good for your tank.
  3. Zissou

    300 gallon stock list( Is this a bad idea)

    You can have multiples of the same kind as long as they're introduced at the same time. A school of yellow tangs is freaking awesome in a big enough tank. That being said, I think that's too many fish. I've seen a full size regal tang in a 240 and he owned that tank, and a large but not full...
  4. Zissou

    Diatoms driving me insane!

    It's probably the substrate change, but to quote another person, you're keeping water in this hobby, not animals. Time and time again people will spend thousands of dollars on equipment like fancy tanks, protein skimmers, reactors, lights, powerheads and pumps, etc. only to compromise everything...
  5. Zissou

    Im about to give up

    Any sign of disease that's specific to fish, like marine velvet or ich? Seems strange to me that the inverts are alive and the fish are not. The algae could just be a matter of leeching phosphates from the rock and not necessarily reflect on the water quality; I don't think it would show up in...
  6. Zissou

    Nitrates won't go down!!!

    What's your filtration like? Are you using a skimmer/sump, canister filter, hang off back filter, etc? What kind of substrate? Crushed coral or sand, and how old is it? What kind of water? Conditioned tap water or RODI? Are you using any bioballs or sponges in your filters? Answer these...
  7. Zissou

    35g hex tank update

    chained :grumble: Just wanted to be clear; you're not just catching flak simply for putting a tang into a small tank; plenty of people have done it by mistake or with the idea of moving it *shortly* to a larger tank, like you are supposedly doing. However this whole attitude of yours, and...
  8. Zissou

    35g hex tank update

    You are the worst kind of fishkeeper, putting the needs of yours eyes over the fish, and taking the opportunity away from another owner who could have put him in a bigger tank. This hobby probably shouldn't exist in the first place, but if you're going to take part in it the least you can do...
  9. Zissou

    khan's 90 gallon reef buils

    With that particular overflow I would follow the glass-holes instructions. To convert it to a herbie would require the complete removal of that box. You'll have basically wasted 100 dollars if you do that; I did the same thing, installed a glass-holes overflow only to change my mind later...
  10. Zissou

    Bristle worms eat hermit crabs

    Ugh, people who bring up their money are the worst kind of people. Ban.
  11. Zissou

    Bristle worms eat hermit crabs

    Homework. Good Worms vs Bad Worms - YouTube
  12. Zissou

    Where to buy nylon rods and rock cement?

    Marco Rocks used to sell both but it appears that they only sell the bonding putty now. sells acrylic and delrin rods that should be reef safe.
  13. Zissou

    Starphire Glass

    If you can afford it, I think so. The whole point for many of our tanks is for the corals to look as healthy, colorful and beautiful as possible. Starphire helps, but plenty of tanks look AMAZING without it. Can't imagine what they'd look like with starphire though...
  14. Zissou

    Hairiest Snail I ever saw

    Pull him out of the water, and Q tip some hydrogen peroxide on the base of the algae. Obviously, don't get it on his foot or soft parts.
  15. Zissou

    Water Change Low Ph in My 5 gal mix

    You should keep an air pump and wooden aerator or airstone around. Let the water aerate for a bit. Should raise the PH. Let some fresh air into the house too.
  16. Zissou

    chichimom79's 60 gallon cube

    Like fast said, get an easy blade and some extra blades, like this. You'll have to buy a magfloat too, if you don't already have one to glue it to. Easy Blade Algae Scraper Replacement Blades (10 pack) - Bulk Reef Supply
  17. Zissou

    Aquavitro Salinity Users

    It's either a bad test or a bad bucket. Might want to enlist the help of an LFS that'll test it for you, or buy another mag kit and see what it says. That's the only thing I can think of.
  18. Zissou

    To those with large sumps...

    I shut the return pump off and wait for everything to settle, then use a wet vac. You have to make sure your baffles are strong enough though, because nothing will be supporting the one side after you've vacuumed all the water out. Then I fill the space with fresh saltwater. Repeat for any...
  19. Zissou

    Need some advice.

    There are few areas one can save money in the reef hobby; saving money shipping livestock shouldn't be one of them.
  20. Zissou


    Tunze Osmolator. It uses an optical eye so it can't get stuck, and in case it fails it also has a traditional float switch as backup. The mounts are magnetic which is really convenient.