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    Who needs some soft corals??

    I have some Xenia, Kenya Tree and Colt Corals that I would like see going to new homes. Now here is the catch. THEY ARE FOR FREE. I know that isn't something one hears very often, but I figured I came in this life without anything and will go out the same way. My email is...
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    The official 5th Day Creations build thread!

    5th Day Creations is a great LFS. They remind me of the better LFS in Atlanta. They have a great selection of corals and fish. There pricing is great as well. Go by and check them out.
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    Somebody Please Post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It seems that most of the responses are near a year old. Is there anyway of taking them off and making room for new ones? I have some waving zinias that I need to get rid of. the boogers reproduct as fast as I can frag them. I have some Kenya trees as well and can separate with some cold...
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    Greetings from a newbie

    Hello to the Chattanooga Reefers. I am very new at this hobby. I have had fresh water tanks for many years, but no salt water ones. I bought a 34 gal. Red Sea Max, that I bought at the Bermuda Triangle. Its been up almost two months now. I have 45 pounds of LR and 40pds of LS. The dreaded...