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  1. sen5241b

    Engineer Goby Not Eating

    Do you what the seller was feeding it?
  2. sen5241b

    Cleaning crew

    Quarantine is always good idea but in actual practice most people don't quarantine CUC because its too time consuming. Examine the CUC carefully for pest algae
  3. sen5241b

    Cant get my shark to eat

    What was he feed by the seller? call them. Try live food. Tiny gold fish can actually live in salt water for some time, maybe a few hours.
  4. sen5241b

    Beginner coral?

    Mushrooms also discosomas are almost impossible to kill. People have had them shipped, left in freezing temps overnight on their doorstep and they survived. Xenia is also very, very easy but it can spread like wild fire and become a pest. Cut it back before it spreads too much. Green Star Polyp...
  5. sen5241b

    Can u help me identify these mushrooms

    Got to and compare the pictures.
  6. sen5241b

    Getting back Pink in a Pink Birdsnest

    Birdsnest are very sensitive to phosphates, nitrates and light changes, more so than other SPS. I would not try to raise phosphates at all. SPS needs phosphates in ppb not ppm. Most corals including SPS will regain color but be prepared to wait 3 to 12 months. The green tinge you see may be...
  7. sen5241b

    Shrinking soft corals

    How old are your bulbs? Old, dimming bulbs can substantially affect corals! MH bulbs can dim a lot after 10 months. Also, suggest you test for unwanted copper. If that hammer was fine for a year then got sick then SOMETHING changed.
  8. sen5241b

    Shrinking soft corals

    I wish I had seen this sooner. when corals get sick there are usually 3 things. FLOW, 'TRATES AND LIGHT! I would be surprised if the problem is not one of these three things Your nitrates are too high. Your Phosphates are okay but your test must be accurate. DID YOU CHANGE LIGHT WHEN THE...
  9. sen5241b

    Lots of questions.

    DSBs are a waste of time and money. 3 inches of sand is fine.
  10. sen5241b

    Fire and Ice Zoas Turning Orange

    I got a 150 watt 14K MH about 28 inches over the bottom of my 20G Long. A 3 inch move in my tank can make the difference.
  11. sen5241b

    Fire and Ice Zoas Turning Orange

    I have tons of zoas including Fire & Ice. The only thing I've seen change zoa color is too much light and Hydrogen Peroxide dips. Also light-acclimating zoas too fast will change their color.
  12. sen5241b

    How does this happen ?

    If that it is alveopora and I think it is, understand that it can get a fatal dose of too much light in a single day and then die off in the next few days.
  13. sen5241b

    how do you keep your refugium clean ? ?

    Emeralds are not a good choice for cleaning up unwanted alage in a refugium. They will probably just eat the cheato. Try a large turbo snail (with shell 1.5 inches across. The snail is less likely to crawl over the cheato and more likely to eat the pest algae. Cheato needs strong flow and strong...
  14. sen5241b

    What is this pink carpet stuff that is taking over my tank?!

    Never seen anything like it but it doesn't look good. Can you tell if its plant life?
  15. sen5241b

    Pros & Cons of a DSB in sump ?

    DSBs are a complete waste of time and money. They have been scientifically studied and no benefit was found. A couple inches of sand is plenty to hold beneficial bacteria.
  16. sen5241b

    Paly Toxin exposure through Vapor

    Update: The guy (in my local club) who was exposed to zoa vapor is getting out of the hobby as his health has begun to deteriorate even more. He had to sell off his 260 reef system. WEAR GLOVES. AVOID ANY CONTACT!
  17. sen5241b

    Lobo and Blasto Placement

    BTW, lobos are very sensitive to fast changes in alk
  18. sen5241b

    lack of Zoa growth

    1+ Kelz88 & aquarian Also, other factors in zoa growth: Feed them! There are high light and low light zoas. Too much light on certain zoas will kill them. CORAL mag said blue zoas do better under lower lighting Other corals may sting them
  19. sen5241b

    Corals not opening as much after water change, please advise.

    The tiniest amount of some toxin in the mix will make the corals look bad. Clean containers with lids is important. I do know someone who cleaned their glass with Windex and watched corals shrivel. Bad idea. Run lots of carbon with a strong filter like an HOB are even a canister filter...