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  1. ltljoker

    Salt level doesnt go up

    If your level doesnt go up when you add water from your lfs try taking water outta the tank and putting more salt into it then put it back into your tank:Cheers:
  2. ltljoker

    Blue spotted boxfish

    Boxfish arnt as scary as you are making them out to be. But they are a very hard fish to care for. As long as you dont have a violent fish that will pick on it there is no reason for it to poisen your tank. Granted your tank is too small ( so please take him back) but when you upgrade you will...
  3. ltljoker

    adding shrimp/starfish.

    Also make sure your starfish is reefsafe, most stars are not. Like the chocolate chip isnt. If you get any type of linkia starfish dont let it touch the air or it will die....
  4. ltljoker

    Look what I got!

    Thats an awsome looking bubble Erin, goodluck:Cheers: with those maroons later down the road. Those lil boogers are mean and territorial.:frustrat:
  5. ltljoker

    New fish

    I have a huma huma, he is by far one of the more colorful fish.
  6. ltljoker

    DSB issue

    Your sand bend isnt a huge problem, you could always get some sandsifting starfish to help out and some serpeant satfish. they will really clean up a sandbed.
  7. ltljoker

    trigger type?

    Does yours happen to look like this one. it is the orangelined trigger
  8. ltljoker


    Also make sure one is bigger then the other and try to add them at the same time or you will be asking for trouble:shock:
  9. ltljoker

    naso tang

    I am with prc on this one, I think you added to many fish at one time. plus tangs create alot of waste, keep an eye on your water paramiters. :bowdown:
  10. ltljoker

    Coral beauty has gotta go!!

    Sorry to hear about your corals. But like with any angel fish it is a 50/50 chance they will eat your coral.:frustrat: Net him and throw it out on your diveway.....:shock:Just kidding.
  11. ltljoker

    Mr.& Mrs.LilJoker's 210

    One is doing just fine:mrgreen::mrgreen:, the other died while on Malissa's watch while I was at work:grumble:
  12. ltljoker

    New Moderator

  13. ltljoker

    Mr.& Mrs.LilJoker's 210

    A lil update on our tank. we added a Leutinant Tang and a Unicorn Tang. :bounce:
  14. ltljoker

    I screwed up!!!!!!! what to do now

    +1 James well said.:Cheers: Lord knows I have added tap water a time or 2 :frustrat::shock:
  15. ltljoker

    my new fish

    Goodluck with that clown tang, they are very hard to keep alive in captivity. I have tried a number of times and they have died out of the blue. Hope you have better success then i did.:Cheers:
  16. ltljoker

    Mr.& Mrs.LilJoker's 210

    I dont know david. I never see it but they say it likes to bury itself in the sand.
  17. ltljoker

    What kind of water?

    Your lucky you only have to top off once a week. I lose on an average 5 gallons a day. :frustrat:
  18. ltljoker

    What kind of water?

    Yup, I just put it in a cart and push it right up to the water machine. I actually have 2 5 gallon jusgs so I dont have to go as often. But get a walmart sticker so they dont think you stole it when you are walking around witht he jug.
  19. ltljoker

    What kind of water?

    That would be perfect. You should buy a 5 gallon jug instead of carrying around all those 1 gallon containers. But I use the exact same water here and it is like .35 a galoon.. go for it that would work just fine.:Cheers:
  20. ltljoker

    Mr.& Mrs.LilJoker's 210

    Thats what she always says :shock: but she lies alot :mrgreen: