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  1. Ironman

    is this a Frogspawn or Hammer ??

    I usually try and stay out of public! But this was so obvious and there were so many people out there who obviously have hammers in there tank and dont even know it! LOL :bounce: On a serious note, it is a tough picture to detect. There are a few places that look irregular, and even the color...
  2. Ironman

    is this a Frogspawn or Hammer ??

    This is hilarious! Biff would it help to have another mod vote HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!! :Cheers:
  3. Ironman

    Please help me on tank setup!!!

    If you are having the tank built the company should be capable of building it with an external overflow box. these are a fairly new technique that make a tank look very clean. There is no visible plumbing or anything, you can have one made to span the whole length of the tank or just a portion...
  4. Ironman


    Like I said before it isnt the optimum enviroment, But to just set a blanket "Wont Work" kinda surprised me. There is always a better way and better color and better growth. But it will work.I personally wouldnt waste my time with a power compact light anymore, because of the lack of growth and...
  5. Ironman


    You will fry the tank with a large MH light. Ive never heard of 300 watt? I was curious why they said you couldnt keep millis under your PC light. You have plenty of light as far as watts per gallon. You arnt going to get the best colors, and probly not the best polyp extension. But if your...
  6. Ironman


    Just curious what exactly wont work? What is going to be the outcome if he adds a millipora frag?
  7. Ironman

    Woot! Just ordered a Reefkeeper Lite 3

    Glad to see you got it hooked up. I had the same problem with the manual. All I got with the reefkeeper elite was a CD. I had to sit and print the whole thing off. And after printing the whole thing realized it was useless. Like you said it kind of identifies everything but helps in no way with...
  8. Ironman

    Woot! Just ordered a Reefkeeper Lite 3

    I cant speak for the reefkeeper lite. I bought the reefkeeper elite and love it. I never experienced any of the bugs, but they were mostly involved with the initial units that were sold before they were available to the general public. And keep in mind usually people who take the time to post on...
  9. Ironman

    debate about water changes

    Im a firm believer in a 25% water change per month. It does have alot to do with the tank though. If you are keeping softies and LPS you can be forgiven alot more than with SPS. As far as frequencey, the more often you can do it the better. So if you had the time a small water change every day...
  10. Ironman

    Custom Marine Creations

    Welcome to the sponsors forrum!
  11. Ironman

    Problem with my blue/regal tang

    I always tell the tang police to be sure and tape record the fish next time he tells them he is unhappy! LOL! When I was petting mine the other day he smiled at me and told me how much he loved it in my tank! LOL! Sorry couldnt resist.
  12. Ironman

    Two New Moderators

    Congrats guys, welcome to the team! And dustin, If you paypal me alot of money i will put in a good word for you! LOL! JK! :^:
  13. Ironman

    PICTURES: Help to Identify these Corals, suggestions?

    I agree with the turbanaria, SPS, not necassarily high light but medium. the fungai plate is fairly easy to keep, biff is right, put it in the sand, you can also feed it, put some krill or brine on the tentacle and it will pull it into its mouth, though this is not necessary. The last im am...
  14. Ironman

    Problem with my blue/regal tang

    First off, it isnt uncommon for fish, especially tangs to turn pale and find a area of low flow to "sleep". if you turn the lights on it takes awhile for them to get used to the lights being on, Im sure this is what you experienced. Second, It really is a small tank for the fish "long term". I...
  15. Ironman

    Auto Top OFF Equipment ????

    I dont know about the different top off units out there cause ive only ever used the one ive got. It is alittle more pricey than some, but it is very good quality and has worked flawlessly. It has a safety shut off, and alarm with other safety features. It is called a tunze osmolator.
  16. Ironman


    It is in my opinion more dependent on what corals you are keeping, some like a more randon flow, some just like flow. Either can be made to work, it just takes patience to see what angles and directions work best
  17. Ironman

    salt levels

    Yote has a good idea there, to slowly adjust it. Just for what its worth, An investment in a Refratometer would help salinity issues. I have yet to find an accurate hydrometer. If you cant afford a refractometer try finding someone who has one and check your hydrometers accuracy with it...
  18. Ironman


    I cant answer the ozone question, but the mangroves are normally easy to keep, I kept them for years, I would have times where they would just start dieing for no reason and then they would come back. Im told adding iron is beneficial for them. As to there nutrient export capability, I found...
  19. Ironman

    Whats your favorite equipment?

    The squids are deffinatly a great piece of equipment. From what ive noticed with different preoblems with the squids is the higher the pumps capacity the longer it takes for the switching device to stop working.