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  1. Hornet

    Hornet's 150 gal Ocean

    Wow, did not realize its been this long since I've posted! Working a full time job and taking evening classes started to bog me down. I got to the point that I was getting tired of looking at a computer so I cut out a lot of my internet surfing. I've finally finished my degree and I have a...
  2. Hornet

    Goog fish ordering site? And ideas for a new LPS

    +1 to that. Most just look like a rotting open sore to me, but the purple one does look kinda cool. I'm a fan of BlueZoo I've made a few fish orders from them and have always been more than satisfied. I have not ordered online from Pacific East but I've visited their store in MD. They...
  3. Hornet


    +1 Mel Variety is the best thing. If you use flakes get a little strainer and soak them in RO water before adding to the tank. I often use flakes but I always soak them and I don't have any algae issues Funny thing about LFS's is the owner/worker always seems to have something on the...
  4. Hornet


    When I first set-up my tank I was excited about getting moonlights but I ended up going with a light fixture over a canopy, so there was no real non-distracting place to put them. Between my flashlight and turning on room lights I can easily check out the activity in my tank.
  5. Hornet


    I'm with Yote and Knuckle. Besides why take a bulb out of that cool Tek light fixture for moonlights or rig up something to mount one of those other type of moonlights on that sweet fixture. Moonlights are overrated I've got one of those old military flashlights with the red light lenses for...
  6. Hornet

    opinions on drilling

    Glad you found somebody to cut you a deal on some used equipment. Keep asking questions and surfing the web and reading up on things.
  7. Hornet


    Moonlights are over-rated! Great light fixture normally most fixtures are not priced with bulbs because there are so many different bulbs to choose from. So I don't think the guy in the fish store screwed you, but he coulda been nice and asked you after he sold the light :D if you wanted to...
  8. Hornet

    My New Anthias Came Today !!!!

    Nice fish, are those Barlett's? Where did you get them from?
  9. Hornet

    opinions on drilling

    +1 I would really suggest that you identify the return pump your going to use, and some type of overflow system before you drill. While you are correct in saying that drilling to get to the sump is a better option than a HOB overflow, a hole in the back of the tank and a valve is not the...
  10. Hornet

    high ph

    8.5 ph is on the high side but way better than the other reading you posted. Alk readings are typically 2.5-4 meq/L or 7-11 dKH, so I'm not sure what the 250 ppm means. Ooops disregard. I was just reading somewhere else that a typical ppm reading is 125-200 ppm
  11. Hornet

    high ph

    I think sarah is on to your problem. I'm too lazy to look around but I thought I saw you posting about homemade rock. If homemade rock is what you have in this tank it is known to have an issue with extremely high pH readings. I think people usually cure it in a stream or something before...
  12. Hornet

    Fuge light, how many hrs per day?

    My fuge light comes on 1 hour before the tank lights go out at night and goes off when the tank lights come on the next day.
  13. Hornet


    LOL, thanks
  14. Hornet

    Blue backround or black

    I like black. I like the black background on my tank so much I frequently spend time cleaning off the coralline from the back glass.
  15. Hornet


    :shock: :shock:
  16. Hornet


    I hope you mean 1.025 as the suggested range for a reef aquarium is between 1.023 and 1.026. Or between 1.020 and 1.024 for a fish only aquarium
  17. Hornet often?

    I've been feeding my tank small amounts 2 times a day. My water parameters are great and I have 0 Nitrates. Last week I was gone for 4-days with no tank sitter and my fish seemed to be doing quite well when I got back. So I'm now thinking about decreasing my feedings. But I doubt I'd go to...
  18. Hornet

    Chiller confusion

    I too just noticed his other post about his dad not running AC so I don't think a fan blowing across the top of the tank is going to do a bit of good. :frustrat: The link above for the portable AC looks kinda cool or getting a chiller maybe trying to vent it outside is another option. But...
  19. Hornet

    Fast's 120

    Tank looks great! Make sure you feed that white cheek well with good food. They are known to be a bit difficult to keep.
  20. Hornet

    New Tank!!!

    I agree sump looks cool but that skimmer does not look all that impressive but who knows it might work out ok with the 75 gal