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  1. color_copies

    Green mushroom growing/splitting

    Is the white thing that looks like chewed bubblegum, is that the green mushroom splitting or do I need to be concerned about it? Thank you in advance. Edit: It's the thing under the mushroom to the right. On the left is epoxy holding the rock together.
  2. color_copies

    Jellyfish maybe?

    Wtf is this jellyfishy looking thing? Do I need to be worried?
  3. color_copies

    Canister filter?

    I have a 60 gallon tank that I have just set up about two weeks ago. My tank isn't set up for a sump, so I have everything hang on the back. I have also reused my Marineland C-360 canister filter as well for the tank, mainly for mechanical filtration, but I have some rocks and two bags of chemi...
  4. color_copies

    Whats that algae?

    I buy RO/DI from my lfs and I mix it with red sea salt mix
  5. color_copies

    Whats that algae?

    Yes I did. Also about 90% of my live rock was put in dry. I did buy more wet rock to seed the dry rock.
  6. color_copies

    Painting Back of Tank

    There is a product out called plastidip. Its essentially spray on vinyl. When you want to change it, peel it off.
  7. color_copies

    Whats that algae?

    Alright reefers, its that time again, its time to play NAME THAT ALGAE!!!!!! After moving and restarting my aquarium, I've gotten a new type of algae that I haven't faced yet, The picture is below. Id like to know what kind it is, so I know how to combat it.
  8. color_copies

    99 problems and Frogspawn is one

    Water is fine. Lighting hasn't changed.
  9. color_copies

    90g Reef Build

    Yes. You're missing pictures. Can't wait to see it.
  10. color_copies

    99 problems and Frogspawn is one

    I've had this frogspawn for almost six weeks now and just this week it's decided to close up on me. It hasn't been open at all this week. Is this something that I should be concerned about. Pictures in a bit.
  11. color_copies

    My first saltwater aquarium. 14g BioCube.

    I took out both 425s and put in one 240. I use the 425s for mixing.
  12. color_copies

    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    I say switch it out. It fits perfectly and that's the one I use in my cube.
  13. color_copies

    My first saltwater aquarium. 14g BioCube.

    I've never had it over flow on me. I kept the water level about 2 inches from the top to avoid an over flow.
  14. color_copies

    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    I keep mine in the third chamber, I also put more water in mine. Mine is way past the max water line. You can see all the goodies i stuffed in mine, the link is in my sig.
  15. color_copies

    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    Great setup. I would try and make the rocks more cavernous, give the fishies some hiding places. Also i'd recommend getting a Hydor Flo Deflector, it will help keep a random flow in the small tank. Hydor FLO Rotating Water Deflector
  16. color_copies

    30gl Fresh water !!!!!

    +1 What I usually do for my fresh water is use tap water that was filtered via my refrigerator and use API tap water conditioner and add fresh salts.
  17. color_copies

    DeLucs' BioCube 14 Build

    Fellow biocuber here. I'm excited to see what you do with it. Now as Smitty said get her wet.
  18. color_copies

    My 180s new home

    That is a sexy tank
  19. color_copies

    My first saltwater aquarium. 14g BioCube.

    New lighting update. Fishies are doing great and so is the shrimp. Yesterday I replaced the stock BioCube lighting with a new Ecoxotic Stunner strip. This is the 8000k and 453nm strip. Before and afters posted below, sorry for the poor quality photos, cell phone camera. The difference for the...
  20. color_copies

    Pineapple sponge?

    I think these are pineapple sponges, but I would like for some one to confirm this fore me.