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  1. joshlegs

    LED Lighting questions

    So I've had my tank up for quiiite a while now (over a year). Just recently upgraded to a 55g with a 20g sump (DIY all the way!!! DIY overflow, sump AND tank stand. BOOYAKASHA!) Anyway, I recently got a long tentacle anemone and I'm curious about my lighting. I cant remember exactly but I''m...
  2. joshlegs

    Tomato Clowns

    I think i added stress zyme to mine, which is probably the same thing. It defintely helped.
  3. joshlegs

    Tomato Clowns

    I had a damsel that had fin rot. He started growing his tail back probably within less than a week once I got my water parameters really good. Eventually grew it all back and was super healthy (until he died in an ammonia spike :( ) So I'd guess about a week you should notice improvement
  4. joshlegs

    introducing a new clown?

    So it's been a week since the tank crisis. I let my water levels stabilize and I think it's been enough time for it all to calm down. So I wanted to pair up my clown with a new one. I picked up a new ocellaris from petco, and I got the smallest one in the tank of probably 8. I thought it would...
  5. joshlegs

    Getting discouraged...quickly.

    sorry to hear it bud. hang in there! I lost 6 fish in a week .... 3 over 2 months would have been better ... though i at least know what happened to mine :(
  6. joshlegs

    Fish not eating

    I'm not really sure. I had two firefish gobies that didn't eat for a few days after introducing them to my tank. I hear that "you can't underfeed a fish," but don't really know. My gobies started eating after several days, a little at first and then a little more. Are your water parameters...
  7. joshlegs

    some really sad news

    yeah i have a heater. but it was a cheap replacement of one that broke. and the last one broke during a cold snap while i was away (hence the reason i turned on the apartment heater too). Now I have a pretty good one though. Thermal plastic, not glass like the other two. And you can set the...
  8. joshlegs

    some really sad news

    No the sig was still right. But that was part of the reason for getting a bigger tank (a 37g). The water in the 29 was *super* clear though, probably from my overkill on filtration (had a pump for 60 gallons). So I thought as long as the parameters were all in check I was ok (though I wasn't...
  9. joshlegs

    Sick Clown

    your tag says experience = 5 days. surely you didnt put that many fish to start out in a new tank all at once right? EDIT: nvm. your post clearly says ~ 5 months.
  10. joshlegs

    some really sad news

    So I went on vacation to my parents for Christmas. I left my apartment heater on the whole time to ward off any super cold snaps (as it is wont to do in the mountains). My apartment ac can't be set by temperature. You have to feel it out by turning it off and on. So I thought if I just set the...
  11. joshlegs

    Scissortail Goby schooling or not???

    I was reading up on some schooling fish not long ago, and I believe scissortail gobies were one of the types of fish that I was reading that school. They are definitely super cool looking.
  12. joshlegs

    wanting an anemone to host my clowns

    So I've got two ocellaris clowns and i really want an anemone that they'll host. I got a purple tip haitian anemone about a week or two ago and he is doing pretty good so far ... (need to upgrade my lighting soon though). In any case, I'd like to get another anemone at some point in the near...
  13. joshlegs

    Sick bubble tip (What do I do?)

    any update?
  14. joshlegs

    is this coralline?

    So if I scraped it off the glass and scattered it over the rocks, would that help it growfaster on the rocks?
  15. joshlegs

    is this coralline?

    I actually was kinda hoping to grow some of the coralline! So this is a yay! i tried brushing it with an algae brush and it didnt come off at all. And I can't really tell if there's any on the rocks. looks like there might be some, or it could just be where the rock is discolored a little for...
  16. joshlegs

    is this coralline?

    So (aside from the obvious brown algae .....), i think i have some coralline algae growing in my tank. But I'm really not sure. Here's a pic. It's the pinkish looking stuff just below the light, on the tank wall. also, re the brown algae, i think ive been overfeeding, and been keeping my lights...
  17. joshlegs

    Clown Fish

    Yeah, mine will swim real goofy sometimes. theyll point down, then they'll point up. then they'll just bob around for a while, and they seem to be ok
  18. joshlegs

    What are your fishes' names, and why did you pick them?

    So I just added some snails and a crab to my tank and I named a few of them. I thought it would be fun for us all to tell the names of our fish and why we named them that. So here are mine: smaller clown fish is named Andre, for Andre the Giant (a paradoxy name, yes). bigger clown is named A...
  19. joshlegs

    tail rot becoming tankwide ??

    So I don't know what the heck is going on with my tank. My damsel got tail/fin rot and lost about a third of his tail, but he seems to be on the mend now. However, he's now got a huge white spot on his left side (I'll try to attach a pic). NOW, my two clowns have a little bit of white on their...
  20. joshlegs

    Need advice concerning my stressed clown fish

    on the topic of feeding, i feed mine about 4 times a day with a couple pinches of food, and they always seem pretty hungry when i feed them. ive recently switched to mysis shrimp and they seem to LOOVE it. But how do i know if im feeding them too much or too little? i have 2 clowns and a damsel