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    The two I see are bristle Worms. I consider them to be member of the CUC since they are great at taking care of anything dead.
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    What type of clown?

    Looks like Perc to me too.
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    How long can fish survive shipping?

    Happy you got your order. For what it's worth, we've had orders delayed by the airlines to the point that they were 3 to 4 days late. Never a good a thing as the longer the fish are in the bags, the more stress they endure.
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    Red scoote blenny gender help needed

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    Yellow Tank

    I think a Foxface would be alright.
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    Yellow Tank

    While I know a lot of folks that do keep Yellow Tangs in 4ft tanks, I can't recommend it. MOST tangs require a 6ft tank to be happy. 4ft just don't allow for their active lifestyles. If your dead set on a tang in a 75, you might look at the Firefin or the Atlantic Blues.
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    Do I need a clean up crew?

    I'll answer that question with another question. Do you need water in the tank?
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    Tank is dying a slow death! Need some serious help!

    The stuff in the rest of the pictures Fishy. About the only way that I know of to remove live red turf is with a hammer and chisel.
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    Tank is dying a slow death! Need some serious help!

    With that stuff, I'd just about try dosing doughnuts.:mrgreen: But I'd read this first.
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    Dangerous bug? Or friendly?

    Amphipod the best I can tell. One of the good guys.
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    Tank is dying a slow death! Need some serious help!

    That red stuff is turf algae. It's THE worst you can have since it requires the same water conditions as the corals do. I think it was Sen. that posted a thread on how he beat it back. I'm also betting that you didn't get Pepperment shrimp. I'd bet a dollar to a donut you ended up with Camel...
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    Less fish = healthier corals

    It depends on the tank. Some tanks the fish load wont make any difference, to a point. While in others even litely stocked with fish causes some major issues. So thats one you'll have to decide for yourself.
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    Live rock/live sand question

    Re: Benefits for live rock and live sand? +1 Stag.
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    Fish dying

    This is where you should be looking.
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    Parasite & worm cleaners

    I had a Yellow coris that was great at hunting down flat worms and bristle worms. I saw him go after a fairly small ( 1/2 inch ) Mantis one time. Never saw him go after cleaner or fire shrimp but that don't mean they wont. Same with the Dottyback. The Black Cap, RG, and Swissguard all should be...
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    think i found the source of nitrates. plz look

    I personally never had a problem when I ran bioballs. But I also had a strong flow of water over them since I didn't use any mechanical filtration. That metal fitting is what I'd be concerned about. Not for causing nitrtes though. Over time, the saltwater is going to eat that fitting up and...
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    Coral frag discs?

    So your say that somebody glued a Kenya weed,,oops, I mean tree to a frag disk?????
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    Be safer and cheaper to just use the super glue gel.
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    First timer questions

    + 1 Erin