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  1. Leslee

    Erin's tineh tank EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Congrats on the fishies!!!! I can't believe NO one has commented on how AWESOME your feathers are!!!!!
  2. Leslee

    Leslee's 29gal

    Ok! SO my tank is the tank of shame! I need something to be excited about again! I have my 29 gal that is just sitting next to me. It has been the tank of shame for a year. ONE WHOLE YEAR! A heater went bad and killed all my fish. I think there might still be a crab alive in there! I need...
  3. Leslee

    Hello Everyone!

  4. Leslee

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Hi Becky!!! Love the pic!!!
  5. Leslee

    I'm Alec

    Hello! Welcome to the site!
  6. Leslee

    Tank placement suggestions

    Number three! No question about it!
  7. Leslee

    I'm Sara,i'm new member here

    Hello! Welcome!
  8. Leslee

    Hi from Indiana

    Hi! Welcome to the site!
  9. Leslee

    Hello all. New to Livingreefs.

    Hello and welcome!
  10. Leslee

    New Guy

    Hello, and welcome!
  11. Leslee

    Since I can't see the Ocean from my office I brought it to my office ;)

    Welcome Chris! Glad to have you around! The ocean to your office is a great idea!!
  12. Leslee

    Advice on my Stand?

    If you aren't going to go with a display fuge, I suggest something metal to cover it up with, might make for a contemporary look. But I think a display fuge is a good idea! That space should be enough to have fun with! Just have to be creative!
  13. Leslee

    Question about rocks

    I stack my rocks. If you put the sand in after you stack your rocks, the sand will help hold the rocks in place at the bottom at least. You should look at Smitty's rock work for inspiration!
  14. Leslee

    New Pico of Pure Awsomeness

    WB! Can't wait to see the FTS! Nice new additions!
  15. Leslee

    Bitten off more than I can chew

    Brutal! I hope you can learn to sleep through the pop soon!
  16. Leslee

    Is 70 inches of fish in a 10 gallon overcrowded?

    Thats so cool! They are so cute!!!
  17. Leslee

    New gal in town

    Hello! Welcome to the site! You are going to love it around here! The people are awesome!
  18. Leslee

    Hello from Texas

  19. Leslee

    Server issues

    Seems better now for me too! Thank you Ian for getting it fixed! :D
  20. Leslee

    my 29 gal build

    Congrats on the new tank and the new build! I can't wait to see the updates!