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  1. WarmWaterDiver

    Powerhead suggestions

    I'm in the market for a new powerhead to run the return into my tank. I've used Taam Rio for many years, most recently the Rio HF26. Problem is this will me second time replacing this pump in 2 years. I've had good luck with other rio pumps but for some reason not the HF26. I love the gph of...
  2. WarmWaterDiver

    sump partitions?

    This may seem like a dumb question but it never occured to me before... Is there any reason that a sump needs to be partitioned? I ran a 20gal sump with no partitions for years and had no problems. I grew mangroves and macroalgaes no problem. It also was home to my pumps, skimmer, and filter...
  3. WarmWaterDiver

    Moving cross country

    We are moving from CA tO FL. I am bringing my tank but empty of course. Would it be ok to bag up the sand and use it to start up the tank in FL? It's been in my tank over 4 years and would be sitting in a moving truck for 2 weeks. My guess is no, get rid of it.
  4. WarmWaterDiver

    Moving a fish tank - coralline

    I will be moving my 55 gal reef tank in 3 weeks. I have moved this tank before and all faired well except my coralline growing on the tank walls. My question is has anyone come up with a way to transport an empty tank a short distance without killing the coralline?
  5. WarmWaterDiver

    Red mushrooms everywhere

    I can only pluck out some of them (which are now residing in my sump) but there are a lot in the tank that are stuck to large rocks.
  6. WarmWaterDiver

    Red mushrooms everywhere

    I bought a nickel sized red mushroom about 6 months ago and not I have about 30 of them and they are multiplying by the day. Any idea how to control them? I've had majano anemones before and lemon juice + vinegar worked well but i'm not sure about these guys. I feel bad because they are...
  7. WarmWaterDiver

    Help: Powder Blue Tang - New Addition to tank Not Eating Enough??? Skinny

    You may also try fresh maco algae like gacilaria or sea lettuce. My tang would gobble that stuff up over anything else offered. I also have a huge amount of amphipods and copepods that collect in my filter sock... I just shake it into the tank and the fish go nuts.
  8. WarmWaterDiver

    Can a skimmer be too big?

    Thanks to everybody for your advice! I'll be sticking with the bigger skimmer :) works like a champ
  9. WarmWaterDiver

    shipping mushrooms/Zoos...

    I have a 5 inch piece of rock with about 12 orange mushrooms of varying size. As well there is a cluster of zoos on it. I am looking to either ship it or take it on the plane with me to a friend in Florida. I've heard that some zoos and mushrooms don't need to be kept submerged in water, that...
  10. WarmWaterDiver

    Can a skimmer be too big?

    I recently acquired a protein skimmer meant for up to 125 gallons. I have 50 gallon with approx. 10 gallons in my sump. Is there any reason not to use a skimmer that is a little oversized?
  11. WarmWaterDiver

    strange question

    Thanks Alexander! That's the only way I could think of doing it also. Just wanted to check. I can at least fill a 5 gallon bucket. My sump is about 20 gallons but I am going to omit that bit of information since it won't leak, overflow, or topple over if there's an earthquake. Thanks again!
  12. WarmWaterDiver

    strange question

    I have a 43 gallon tank. I also have a good amount of live rock in my tank so I actually have less than 43 gallons. My question is how can I calculate my actual gallons based on how much rock I have in there, approximately? I am moving to an apartment that actually allows a tank this size on...
  13. WarmWaterDiver

    earthquake proof?

    As most people know CA had a small quake last week. I have a 55 gallon that sloshed water everywhere! Thankfully it was still in it's place on the stand and only a few rocks had fallen from the aquascape. Only one coral was a little scuffed. My husband and I are weighing the odds that we will...
  14. WarmWaterDiver

    mangrove trimming?

    From what I can tell they have done very well. I've never had a real huge problem with nitrates (never over 10)... however since adding mangroves my nitrates are 0-2ppm and I have zero phosphates. They're fun to look at, it's one of the few plants i can keep without my cats eating them. I really...
  15. WarmWaterDiver

    mangrove trimming?

    I have about 20 mangroves in my sump that have been growing like crazy! I thought i heard somewhere that I should pluck off a leaf or two to keep them from getting too tall. I can't find a lot of information on this though. Anyone know whether I should pluck off the bottom two leaves or the top...
  16. WarmWaterDiver

    water parameters

    I've had my pH that high a few times and it doesn't seem to hurt anything. Did your pH get this high from adding buffer? If so you can do a water change or just let it decrease on it's own. Definitely add some calcium to at least 400. I use Kent turbo calcium, works real quick without clouding...
  17. WarmWaterDiver

    quarantine tank question

    Sorry for the confusion, I have a small three gallon tub, separate from the main tank, with an air stone in it. That's it. Yes there is medication in the water. My biggest problem is that I need to regulate the water temp. I live in so cal and have no AC and cannot afford another chiller. So...
  18. WarmWaterDiver

    quarantine tank question

    My pipefish are a little over 6-7 inches long so a hang on box is not big enough. I don't think that if he has an infection on his nose that bumping it trying to turn around is a good idea. I wish I could use one though, it would be so much easier.
  19. WarmWaterDiver

    quarantine tank question

    I've actually set up a 3 gallon rectangular tub (they just did circles int he bucket). I have an air stone in there and a fake plant for them to latch onto. They seem ok. I just wonder how long I should leave them in there. I will have to monitor nitrates and possibly do a water change in a day...