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  1. Brooke80

    Does anyone know what this is

    Red bubble algae maybe ??? I googled it and the pics sort of look like yours a bit ....
  2. Brooke80

    Hello hello hello

    Hi Casey I am also a new member ( from Australia ) and I am very fond of corals more so then fish that's the way my tank is heading anyway ! Sounds like your on the right track with your set up .... everyone here is really friendly and looking to help .
  3. Brooke80

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Mark I would also put myself in the same area of expertise ! Welcome I have found living reefs and its members to be super helpful and nice
  4. Brooke80

    Little critter living in my open brain coral

    Yep he was a funny critter ...... but now my open brain won't open up over the hole and seems to be fairly distorted , I wonder will he repair and grow over the skeleton again ? I can't feed him anymore because his mouth won't open over the damage from the crab. The pic shows how his tentacles...
  5. Brooke80

    Little critter living in my open brain coral

    hi everyone this is my first post my apologies if it's all over the place ! but my tank is only thriving so well because of so many nights reading helpful advice on this forum so I thought I would give it a go myself. I have noticed my open brain shrinking away from its skeleton lately so I...