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    Going to be starting my saltwater tank next week, and im curious to find out where you get your water from to start the tank? I dont want to do tap cause i dont feel like filtering it and curing it, so i'm thinking about just buying 20 gallons of distilled water from the super market, you guys...
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    Newcomer to Saltwater Aquariums

    Thanks for the cheerfull welcome guys! I will probably have a lot of questions over the next couple of days so bear with me! So i probably be using tap water as it is the easiest and cheapest option i suppose. Do i need to run it through a filter first, or is just treating it good enough...
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    Newcomer to Saltwater Aquariums

    Hello everyone, new forum member here looking for advice and guidance! I just bought a 30 gallon hex (24" tall, 20" across) that was previously used for a freshwater set up. So ill be using it to set up a saltwater aquarium with fish and live rock. I am brand new to saltwater aquariums, i have...