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  1. billm

    Ready to give up:( need help please!

    Sorry for all your loses. So lets fix some of your problems, first, let`s tackle the drain pipes, an inexpensive way of fixing this issue is to buy or get hold of some 1/4 inch plastic netting. the kind they make covers for open top tanks and cut a piece lets say 3 inches wide and 6 to 8 iches...
  2. billm

    octopus bh-100f setup

    Here's a couple of things that might help, 1. the airline to the blue tube, take it off, it needs to be connected to it only when you arre starting it up or restarting after stopping. it is prefectly normal for the skimmer to blow bubbles into the tank for the first couple of days, turn the...
  3. billm

    from the makers of maxspect led lighting

    I have today switched over to a led system from the makers of the maxspect led lighting system called key aquarium lighting. here are my thoughts on them: The lights are manafactered well, i have not found any manafacturing defects , the fish are much more active and the colours are much...
  4. billm

    Added Blue Tang Today

    I believe given time, they will get along. earlier this year i had to replace my 5 yr old blue hippo when it passed away. i replaced it with a 2 inch one and it took about a week or so for the yellow to accept the new fish. but, i did have to treat the tank with no-ick for ten days because...
  5. billm

    Wet/Dry filter

    I have been using one for the last 5 years, no nitrate problems and my corals and fish are doing just fine. ps i don't use a skimmer either, just a weekly pwc of 10 gls on a 70 gl tank
  6. billm


    After this problem is fixed you might want to think about having a bachup pump on hand . i bought one when they were on sale and it has saved me twice so far and allowed me to have alot less sleepless nights.
  7. billm

    seio powerheads

    Had 4 of them, they didn't last more than 1 yr. won't start up after power shut off and won't work on a wave maker. i replaced them with modded mjs and the mjs are much quiter.
  8. billm

    Problem with my Kenya Tree

    Stablity is the key, in your opening statement you said that you changed 24 out of 75 gallons every two weeks. that alot of change and if thats new saltwater that hasn't sat for 24 hours or if it doesn't match temp wise, its going to upset the balance in your tank.Also, try to figure out what...
  9. billm

    sump return pump

    I just switched to a quiet one, very quiet and it can be used either way internal or external. I'm running mine internal I have a quiet one 3000, which at head pumps 780 gph and four ft up where my return enters, pumps @600 gph which is more than enought for a 70 rr i have.
  10. billm

    having red slime problem.

    This problem is in my 29 hex tank.7 months old with a hot magum canister filter and a red sea prism skimmer.The slime started about 3 months ago, cut down on feeding to every other day, water changes bi weekly ( 5 gallons) and replaced bulb,( 18 watt pc).only fish, no corals, and several pieces...
  11. billm

    new coral

    No, i haven't purchased it, wanting to find good info. thank you for your reply.Now, I'm deciding.Doing reseach and thinking...
  12. billm

    new coral

    Having gotten back from my local lfs store, wondering if anyone has a green merulina coral in their tank and has it been doing?It's a very interesting piece, not something you see every day in most lfs. wondering if 45 dollars is too much for it?
  13. billm

    Cloudy Tank

    sit back and dream for awhile, sounds like it is still long has the rock been in there and was the rock new(fresh) .patience is the key.
  14. billm


    I currently have a bluewave mh setup of 2 150 de bulbs with lowprofile reflectors and a icecap 630 driving two 110 watt actinic bulbs(uri).All housed on a 6 inch wooden canopy.The reflectors are on top, with openings cut into the wooden canopy ,so the bulbs are 8 inches above the surface of...