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  1. Brat

    Aquascaping with other than LR

    What about this?
  2. Brat

    urchins, heeellllllllppppppppp!!!!!

    I forgot to say that's what a few people have told me, who have kept them, but I guess it depends on the animal itself. Okay, shutting up now.
  3. Brat

    Anenome advice???

    Lots of bright light, lots of room. They can get to about a foot long and need a bigger tank than 55gal. From what I have read they can grow quite large and like to roam, so be prepared to move things out the way.
  4. Brat

    urchins, heeellllllllppppppppp!!!!!

    I like the Long Spine Sea Urchin and pincushion urchin. I don't think they would make too much of a dent in eating the coraline algae.
  5. Brat

    wow, look at this

    I missed the part where it said he put the anemones in after he had the tank set up for 2-3 weeks. The guy deserves to come down on hard when he obviously is not thinking about the well being of the animals in his care.
  6. Brat

    Tank Maturity ala Eric Borneman

    You know what, I was actually planning on waiting about a year after my tank was set up before adding fish. I was going to just add a few corals and inverts first to try and get some sort of good cycle going on.
  7. Brat

    wow, look at this

    All the information i've found on the Condy says that they can be all white or have colored tips, but they can also be tan, off white and a few other colors. That's kinda why I was interested in the Condy because they were mostly white and it looked pretty white. I am loving what you said to...
  8. Brat

    wow, look at this

    I thought Condy anemones were white.
  9. Brat

    Dead Sea Hare =Nitrate Spike = Crash...maybe

    Run Carbon or Purigen to get nitrates down. You gotta start looking for the body.
  10. Brat

    Anenome question

    The Ritteri or Magnificent Anemone is a very difficult one to keep and it gets to a little over a foot long. It's a beautiful anemone it's just not easy to keep.
  11. Brat

    Its official

    Oh wow, I soo can't wait to see this. I love hearing new tank setups.
  12. Brat

    green film,on sand

    yeah, I agree.
  13. Brat

    green film,on sand

    ah! okay.
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    I've heard good things about those.
  15. Brat

    green film,on sand

    I thought some snails ate cyanobacteria?
  16. Brat

    20 Gallon Tank..Converting to salt...need help!

    You have been given wonderful advice from everyone! Starting a saltwater tank is totally different from freshwater and twice as expensive and twice as time consuming in the beginning. You should certainly buy the largest tank you can buy. Typically many people consider anything under 50 to...
  17. Brat

    chocolate chip starfish

    they are pretty aren't they? I wish they were reef safe.
  18. Brat

    Found a very odd creature

    It could be a hair worm.
  19. Brat

    help me stock my soon to be 10 gallon nano reef

    hmmm.. yeah that's the problem but I've heard good things about this one
  20. Brat

    What's a good height and width...