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  1. Mike925

    Sump questions?

    Thank you!
  2. Mike925

    Sump questions?

    Just curious about a sump set up. I've my over flow line coming into sump box, through a filter sock and my protein skimmer. Next step is the live rock below with caurlerpa (sp) and another filer before it hits the return pump. Question is would it be better to flip flop the lr stage with the...
  3. Mike925

    Tank looking good

    Put in dead shrimp until I saw the water chemistry change and have 2 snails now. Seemed to work. I also put in a little food and by little I mean almost nothing (ghost feeding).
  4. Mike925

    Tank looking good

    Trying to upload
  5. Mike925

    Tank looking good

    Tank is a 60 Gallon cube. It has been up and running for a few weeks now. I am starting to see diatom formation on the sand bed. In which part of the cycle does this put me, just curious because I have read many posts but it seems when people write it is an already established tank? I did a...
  6. Mike925

    Couple of new reef questions ...

    Alright so I am finally close to getting this beauty set up. My equipment set up is: 60 gallon deep blue rimless 2 bags of Fiji pink live sand Column stand with sump in lower portion 1 MP10w and eventually maybe another? 2 Eheim 150 watt heater Reef Octopus protein skimmer (space saver in...
  7. Mike925

    My new 60 cube

    Outstanding tank! Hopefully mine will look the similiar (eventually).
  8. Mike925

    Apparently we all have 1 thing in common ..

    Hello there, I have been wanting a saltwater tank for years now and just recently purchased one. It is a 60 gallon cube and have been patient enough to buy items little by little. I have a very close friend that has had a saltwater tank for years and it is gorgeous! He has finally pushed me to...