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  1. SantaMonica

    Well Hello there its long time

    Yep welcome back
  2. SantaMonica

    Long time no sea....

    Welcome back
  3. SantaMonica

    Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover - DIY!

    PowerPoint presentation for clubs, schools, etc., to learn the basics of scrubbers: or
  4. SantaMonica

    Who's here from the old days?

    I think the facebook vs. forums contest has evened out. After people discover reefs on fb, they look for more serious info on forums
  5. SantaMonica

    Hello from kansas

    No, you are :)
  6. SantaMonica

    Foxface tang color

    Is he eating enough?
  7. SantaMonica

    Hello from kansas

    Welcome from KS. 3 tanks is pretty good for just 2 years.
  8. SantaMonica

    New here but not new really

    Welcome. Not very often I hear of a copperband handling aiptasia well.
  9. SantaMonica

    Fire worm

    FW will kill everything in the rock. Better would be a wrasse or arrow crab.
  10. SantaMonica

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome from KY. The beads might just be rejected food pieces that he did not like.
  11. SantaMonica

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome from LA. We need more brackish tanks. I only remember one other which was all oysters.
  12. SantaMonica


    Welcome from FL. I like tall tanks, but you have to secure the rocks from falling. The sump is another matter, and is unrelated to the tank height.
  13. SantaMonica

    Who's here from the old days?

    I think it's been about 10 years for me
  14. SantaMonica


    Why are there not more controller options?
  15. SantaMonica


    That would have been a big crash at a bad time.
  16. SantaMonica

    Anemone difficultly!!!

    Well just give it some food and let it find its own favorite spot.
  17. SantaMonica

    Anemone difficultly!!!

    You did not mention anything about your lights... it will need some strong lights.
  18. SantaMonica

    Pool and spa Calcium

    Should be fine. Just read the ingredients to make sure there is nothing else like an herbicide or copper.
  19. SantaMonica

    Introducing Myself, I suppose?

    Invert tank is great. Leave all the food particles in the water for them.
  20. SantaMonica

    Hi guys just joined I have enjoyed reading

    Probably want to remove the canister.