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  1. Ian

    New to Living Reefs

    Hey @Sper0332, welcome to the forums :).
  2. Ian


    Hey @Monkfish, welcome aboard :D.
  3. Ian

    Back in the hobby, and back to Living Reefs

    Looks good - I really like those lights! Yep, a bit quiet here these days, hope some of the old faces pop back in :).
  4. Ian

    Back in the hobby, and back to Living Reefs

    Hey @x19! Good to see you again :D. How's the new tank going?
  5. Ian

    Long time no sea....

    Ah that's amazing @little_fish :D. Quite the tour of states there! Good to see you too @Jmck!
  6. Ian

    Long time no sea....

    Hey @little_fish - long time no see! Still a few of us around :D. What did you do at Grad school, guessing medicine from the sig pic?
  7. Ian

    Well Hello there its long time

    Hey there @Gypsykat, welcome to the forums :D.
  8. Ian


    Hi @gujian, welcome aboard!
  9. Ian

    New Member

    Hey Adam! Welcome to Living Reefs :).
  10. Ian

    Hello from kansas

    Hey Robert, welcome to the forums!
  11. Ian

    New here but not new really

    Hey @Hamish1990, welcome to Living Reefs. Some great photos there - I particularly like that last one :).
  12. Ian

    Who's here from the old days?

    Hey Josh, welcome back to the forum :D.
  13. Ian

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hi @gajenkins1, welcome to the forums :). I bet it's going to be nice to return to the hobby!
  14. Ian


    Howdy Ed, welcome aboard :D. That's a really interesting project to work on. Might I suggest posting the tank question in this ( section, as people may not spot it in the "introductions" section.
  15. Ian


    Welcome back to the forums :D. Great to have you here again. Looking forward to seeing the pics :).
  16. Ian

    My 93 cube

    Really beautiful photos @dantimdad! How long have you had this setup for?
  17. Ian

    Hello Again

    Hey, great to see you again!!! Sorry to hear about the divorce... but congrats on the marriage and the move :D. Looks like you've got yourself a good deal there, perfect for getting back in to the hobby :)
  18. Ian

    New to marine and coral keeping

    Welcome Carlo :). As @Aquarian mentioned, you can add photos anywhere (like a new thread/post) - but the Showcase area is a great place to post your pics: Looking forward to seeing them!
  19. Ian

    Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

    Good to see you again :). Looking forward to seeing the new build thread :D.