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  1. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Looking good Kurt!!! I love the Zoas below my favia.... I like that red shroom too,
  2. JustinsReefTank

    My Red Planet frag, growth, pic heavy

    I think your pictures are Great and love the way your corals progress!! I say if they don't like them, don't look. Just my :twocents: Keep it up Dana I enjoy...
  3. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    No metaphor. Just truth. Black widow. $17,000. Later I'm doing better. Thanks
  4. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Nice!! Thanks.... Yeah that spider got the best of me..... At least it wasn't one of my kids.... I'll take one any day so they don't have to deal with that pain. It was horrible. But hey it's over with now, time to get these frags going and send you some soon enough.
  5. JustinsReefTank

    Zoa Sell-a-Thon

    What do you have left Wade??
  6. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Well we will see here in a few hours. Just waiting for the door bell. Then I will let you know the verdict.
  7. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Sorry to hear about your light! Sounds like its still a little watery in your cup. Try lowering your level a Lil so your not getting so much water compared to just bubbles. Hope it gets better!! I'll let you know when my package arrives!! Will have pics
  8. JustinsReefTank

    50g sandbar reef

    Yeah it looks really good!! And Yeah the acro looks amazing!! If you get some frags I would love one!!
  9. JustinsReefTank

    mystery lps

    +1 biff. Hard to tell when it's all closed
  10. JustinsReefTank

    What type of zoas?

    I second the Eagle eye!! I have a cluster of these and it looks just like my eagle eyes...
  11. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Sorry to hear about your land lord issues... It'll make you wanta get a different place now. Pics look great!! Can't wait for my package!!
  12. JustinsReefTank

    Zybers project

    Got my vote. Just got back from vacation!
  13. JustinsReefTank

    Fast's 120

    Wow!! Looks amazing.
  14. JustinsReefTank

    Fast's 120

    Nice!! Can't wait to see it in action
  15. JustinsReefTank

    nobody says hi...

    Hello and Welcome Aboard Nobody!!
  16. JustinsReefTank


    +1 blue. I used 10lbs of LR in my DT and used 60lbs of dry rock. The dry rock was white as can be. I scraped off bits and pieces every week and let if flow in the tank to seed everything else. I did also dose Purple Up once a week. Just make sure you keep an eye on your levels!M
  17. JustinsReefTank

    Paint the back help

    I used patriotic blue. I love the color and it makes corals and fish stand out perfectly. Krylon makes a paint, it's called Krylon Fusion and the color is patriotic blue. Makes a good looking tank in my opinion.
  18. JustinsReefTank

    What coral should I do

    What type of light did you get? As in bulbs, watts, type
  19. JustinsReefTank

    93g cube of AWESOME!

    I would also check out They have really nice rock. I have that in my 37 and love it. VERY porous. Great prices also. He will give you free sand if you get rocks. Save you some money. Can't wait to see it good luck!
  20. JustinsReefTank

    chichimom79's 60 gallon cube

    Looks great!!!! Love Sasha! Tank is looking awesome.