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    How long do you quarintine or dip your new fish before you put them into your DT?

    Are you sure your fish have Ich or do they have Brooklynella? To tell them apart you have to take a tissue sample and examine it under a microscope. The treatment of choice for Ich is copper but copper will not cure Brook. For Brook you have to use 37% Formalin. Formalin will also cure Ich. So...
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    Help with a hospital tank

    When I buy Formalin I mark the date and only keep it for one year then I buy a new bottle. The problem is, as you are aware, Brook kills quickly. With the estimate that 80% of the wild Clownfish stock have Brook the odds are you will run across it again. Immediate treatment will turn things...
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    Help with a hospital tank

    I would recommend that you buy a bottle of 37% Formalin and keep it on hand. When you buy your new fish put them in a QT tank for 4 weeks before introducing them to the main tank. Do not buy more then two fish at a time. Good luck in the future, Geo.
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    Help with a hospital tank

    No, it only kills fish, sorry for your loss. Geo.
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    Help with a hospital tank

    If you lose more fish you need to seriously consider using Formalin baths because you fish may have Brook instead of Ich.
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    how do i treat white spot

    First, are you sure you fish have Ich? They could have Brooklynella. It has been estimated that 80% of wild Clownfish are infected with Brook. In the open ocean this is not a problem but in a closed aquarium its fatal. Ich can be cured by putting your fish in a copper tank but this will not...
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    Help with a hospital tank

    First are you sure you have Ich? There are two parasites that have very similar outward appearance but very different treatments. One is Ich and the other is Brooklynella. Copper is the treatment of choice for Ich but it will not cure Brook. Brook can only be cured with Formalin. Formalin...
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    How did I get ick

    The only way to get Ich out of your main system is to leave it fallow for eight weeks. Ich has a life cycle that includes eggs. The eggs can lay dormant in your substrata for up to eight weeks before they hatch. Once they hatch, the swimmers literally have hours to find a host, fish, before...
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    I've asked before: RO/DI unit?

    I bought mine off eBay for $70 delivered and it does 3 gals per hour. Its portable so I can hook it up to any house water outlet. I currently have it hooked up to the wash room sink faucet. I use about 4 gallons of RO water a day and can buy it locally for 30 cents a gallon so after two...
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    my tank stand

    Looks Great! How much did it cost?
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    ick meds

    The Ich parasite has eggs in its life cycle. The eggs can lay dormant in the substrata of your tank for 8 weeks before they hatch. Once they hatch they become "swimmers" looking for a host. If they don't find one in a matter of hours they die. That's why you have to keep your tank fallow for...
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    Royal Gramma-Possible Illness?

    White spots are probably parasites. If one fish in your tank has parasites then all the fish in the tank have them even if they do not show any symptoms. And, the tank has parasites. Depending on what parasite it is will dictate the cure. Google marine parasites and you will get a wealth of...
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    Reef Aquarium Maintenance Software

    Does anyone have a recommendation on reef aquarium maintenance software? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 1geo
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    Need some input?

    If one of your fish have Ich, ALL of your fish have Ich even if they exhibit now symptoms. Below is a writeup on Marine Parasites. Ich, Marine Velvet, Brooklynella are all marine parasites. Ich has a life cycle with includes eggs. The eggs can lay dormant in the substrata of a tank for up to...
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    Feather Duster How to Remove from Rock

    The nem is a small, 1.5 inch, aquarium clone and so far is doing well. I purchased it specifically because it was NOT wild stock. I have had nothing but one disaster after another with wild stock. The seller who shipped over night also, unknown to me, included a very small, 1 inch, red -...
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    Feather Duster How to Remove from Rock

    That's what I was afraid of. I have a large Percula who is trying to host the feather duster. The worm wants no part of her and is constantly pulling in her feather duster head. This infuriates the Percula who then bites and butts the the tube of the worm. I then put a bubble anemone next to...
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    Feather Duster How to Remove from Rock

    I have a feather duster who has firmly attached his foot to a rock. Anyone have any suggestions on how to detach the foot without hurting the worm so I can move the feather duster? Any information is appreciated.
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    Ick or Bubbles?

    Its been several weeks since your last post. How are your fish doing?
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    Ick or Bubbles?

    Check out the following link and see if it answers your question.
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    sickly fish

    Go to this link and follow the chart; it may isolate your problem.