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  1. Live Rock

    LEDS for sps

    Will the BeamsWork Reef Bright LED Light Fixture 18" work for sps in a 18 in tall tank? I'm trying to decide between the LEDs and 18" 178W Metal Halide Pendant Extendable Series.
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    is it beneficial to my tank to always have my lunars on?

    Actually, I've heard that lunar lights may reduce some "nocturnal aggression" between fishes.
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    How do I?

    There is also a method that is to get a piece of live rock, and place it in the path of the GSP, and when the GSP grows on the rock, you have a frag! It also works with xenia, mushrooms, and many other soft corals.
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    I need help finding out what species this is?

    +1 little_fish This is one issue in keeping these mega fish, and also the babies grow uglier and they are extremely finicky, eating only live foods.
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    wrasses for a ten gallon?

    I don't think a ten gallon can accommodate the activity levels of a flasher wrasse.
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    wrasses for a ten gallon?

    Mystery wrasses are about the same as six line in terms of behavior. Possum wrasse is a good option.
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    Colony rock, help identify everything on it

    The red thing may be a mushroom or a clam??:question:
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    What do YOU feed your corals?

    I use frozen mysis and cyclops.
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    Just got this from LFS, What kind of Anemones is it?

    That thing is bleached.
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    Pics of my tank

    Hi everyone, I just got a porcelain crab and a chalice coral frag today. They are now drip acclimating in a bucket.
  11. photo-4.JPG


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    after 6 months

    Do you have a sandbed? The white particles might be sand blown around by pumps.
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    Small School of Fish

    four fish will be too little for the "schooling" effect, and that would kinda be pushing your bioload. Cardinalfish would be good candidates for a school.
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    what do I need

    You do not want bioballs... they basically are nitrate factories in a marine aquarium. You cannot do without a protein skimmer, especially with a fish population. You should put your skimmer where the bioballs are.(after you take them out.) Welcome to the site!:Cheers:
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    Please help me

    The first pic looks like detritus.
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    Coral Variety

    Anthelia and torch corals are fine, but watch out because anthelia can be invasive and torch corals are very aggressive.
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    Coral Variety

    If your pavona is doing well, there is a variety of Large Polyped Stony corals available such as acans, euphyllias, brain corals, fungia plate corals, etc. There are also many soft corals that will do well such as leather corals, star polyps, and xenia. The options are very diverse.:^:
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    Red coraline or cyano?

    You can also use chaeto in your fuge or sump to reduce nitrates.
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    Pics of my tank

    So today I just rearranged my tank. I basically flipped the giant rock over to allow more swimming room for fish. Sorry if the quality of the picture sucks. I was using my cell phone to take this picture. Comments, please :boldblue: