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  1. Drilled 55 custom

    55 to 90 gallon upgrade

    Yes. I thought the one I wanted was on this site somewhere.
  2. Drilled 55 custom

    55 to 90 gallon upgrade

    Hi, I'm upgrading from a 55 acrylic to a glass 90 gallon. I want to stay away from drilling & bulkheads with this glass. I don't care for the overflow box look. Do any of you remember long ago the picture, I think was in the DIY section of a pvc drain manifold set up? It had a "T" and a...
  3. Drilled 55 custom

    Help wit my sump?

    You could also install a pvc "T" on the return hose. One hose or pipe up to the display tank, and the other hose back into the sump. +1 on the ball valves. I have ball valves on all drains & returns.
  4. Drilled 55 custom

    how do i preform a black out?

    I had the red slime everywhere. I added a couple turbo snails & it was gone within a short while.
  5. Drilled 55 custom

    Constant drip water changes

    Any of you freinds have a constant drip water change setup? I'm in the trial n error phase of this project. I have a 10 gallon tank above the DT, with clean circulating saltwater mix that is set on a constant drip to the DT. On the other end of the DT, I have a drain system valve adjusted to...
  6. Drilled 55 custom

    water temp

    76-78F. The main thing is to avoid temp. fluctuations.
  7. Drilled 55 custom


    +1 Jmck, your refugium would be a great addition to your overall filtration system.
  8. Drilled 55 custom

    new tank

    Absolutly. Your live rock helps the cycle & stability of your water quality, however when you transition from fresh to saltwater many will remind you patience is the #1 rule. Especially if your talking seahorses already. Many advanced reefers on this site have given me countless helpful...
  9. Drilled 55 custom

    DIY Wet/Dry Refugium, Could this work?

    Cool video. I'm thinking that butterfly fish isn't reef safe though!?! I built my sumps, with plexiglass seperators also, cut to size from the Home Depot.
  10. Drilled 55 custom

    How much to feed tang

    My blue hippo tang has done great on the dried seaweed sheets fed daily, available at your LFS. She (Dori of course), also is treated to long stem spinach I leave in the DT for her natural grazing habits.
  11. Drilled 55 custom

    new 56 gallon column reef tank

    Looks nice! Watcha puttin in with the LR?
  12. Drilled 55 custom

    stock limit?

    What kind of 20 gallon sump? Is it a wet/dry trickle for the heavy bio load of swimmers? Is it a fuge? Do you have a good skimmer? Was just interested in finding out because I'm thinking of upgrading to a 75 gallon also.
  13. Drilled 55 custom

    Where did my horseshoe crab go??

    Wow, thanks for the detailed info Sharkie! I was thinking of adding one to my DT also, untill now.
  14. Drilled 55 custom

    New Guy!!! :D

    Hi, good to see you here!
  15. Drilled 55 custom

    Acrylic Tank

    I got my 55 gallon acrylic on craigslist for $75.00. It didn't have any scratches before. Now, careful as I've been, there are scratches everywhere. I have had it a little over 2 years, and am now thinking about going back to glass. I wanted acrylic to start with because of how easy you can...
  16. Drilled 55 custom

    What to stock in a 15 gallon fuge?

    Thanks BL1! None of my LFS have macro algae. Is there an online store you would recommend?
  17. Drilled 55 custom

    What to stock in a 15 gallon fuge?

    Doing a diy fuge this weekend. It will be a 15 gallon sump, but the fill line will be about 10 gallons, to allow for power loss overflow protection. Could you help me with these questions? How deep a sand bed? lbs of live rock suggested? would you advise micro algae & how much? What...
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    Newbie here :)

    Hi Isa, welcome to the site. I would start with live rock (LR), first, followed by some fish, slowly though, then as your skills fine tune lean towards the inverts. I've had 2 years of good luck with my hobby, (swimmers & inverts in my DT), and I learn something new everyday from the many...
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    new to it all

    Hi welcome to the site! How much LR do you have & what kind of filtration?
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    algae scrubber or fuge?

    Hi reef freinds. I'm making a list for the hardware store for a DIY algae srubber or a 20 gallon refugium. Which works better for nitrates? I considered building both, however room under my stand seems to be an issue. Thanks for any advice you can share!