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    how many coral beauty's in 75?

    75 gallons they might avoid each other, wouldnt try two of the exact type tho...I have had a flame and a beauty in a 30 gallon for the last 2 years... I have to worry about the clown before those two..Maybe Im lucky..
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    Wtb Base Rock

    :regular_wLooking for br for good price..Trying to buy 40 to 50lbs maybe someone has some laying around somewhere..Trying my luck before buying local..75 gallon almost ready for water just trying to tie up the loose ends..Also need shrink wrap,cords for 2 ballastes,led lights,fans 4 canopy..Thankx
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    Coraline algae bleaching

    I had all (that was growing on my glass) Die off after moving my tank.I wouldnt worry to much about it , it will come back in time..Maybe some purple up could help...
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    Bad Clown

    Adults - are far less attractive sadly...Brown overall with less of the bluespots and a bright yellow tail...This fish isnt one that I would suggest for a smaller tanks becase it reachs over 8 inches in length..They are known to be aggressive Both I believe..
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    fire fish help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with biff..Something is causing the fish to be stressed..You might want to do a water change..Seems to help me when things go south..You might want to get your local store to test for everything its easyer..Sorry to hear of the loss..Keep us up dated
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    Bad Clown

    Actaully , The pic isnt mine but I had one like him , until my tank was laced with ick(killer tomatos chassed him most the time)..Fish store scored on that one..I just cut my losses and went fishless for the past 8 and half weeks..Havent decided what I gonna get next something more rarley seen...
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    Bad Clown

    I like the ones you dont see everyday..
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    Bad Clown

    My tomatos fight every once and a while and they get over it..Kinda like being married..If there is one trying to hold its ground and actaully fight thats a diffrent story but one will usaully be the aggressor and the other will back down from the fight, and turn to its side.. One is trying to...
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    Something weird

    Wow , does it glow under the actinics?Soft or hard?
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    Ok what in the heck just happened?

    Bobby , I have the same type that you have...Ive had some go and its somewhat the same instead my cups turned white and became more like a sharp edge leaf that came to points instead of being rounded(hard to explain)..Mine looked midevil compared to the link..Good luck
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    Ok what in the heck just happened?

    That was fast change..Check this out maybe it could help..Also Hopefully it didnt becase if so it releases spores into the tank..DFW Marine Aquarium Society :: View topic - What caulerpa prolifera looks like when 'going sexual' I hope this helps My suggestion-Water changes
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    clown goby hosting?

    Couldnt remember...brainfart , been a while
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    clown goby hosting?

    Yes , They will host or be hosted mostly in captivity less likly to happen in the wild...Congrads
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    Not eating

    Check all water paremeters to be on safe side..Really my only suggestion would be to try mixing up the frozen foods a little bit and see if something else is what he wants..How long has the fish not been eating? Is the fish picked on? Any visable problems(cuts scratches)Do you have a good supply...
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    Server Crash

    Scared me .... I thought I was banned hehe....
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    Yea , they really bullyed my damsel(small tank)...Almost funny , how determaned they can be...But in all , some very intresting fish "great personalities"..Good luck pin
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    Still ,that would have to be a big pinch, I trust doing that with my fresh water tanks(tap water) ,but I dont have as much to risk..I suggest E-bay you can find good deals on ro/di units..I paid 79.00 for mine..New
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    More pictures

    Wow , Looks great..Very nice Coraline :smile:
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    great deal on corals

    Wow , That is a great deal...Almost to good to be true? I wish I had room...:zombie:
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    Well , males stay kinda on the small side femals can get really big compared to the male..Fry(eggs), they probably would become food for the filters or inverts..I have two that try and try and try some more, eggs usaully disappear though the night , shame really..