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  1. squibley2

    Bta ?

    Your alk might be causing a bit of a problem for your little guy. Has it gone up in the last couple weeks? I normally run my tank about 8.1-8.3 for alk about the same as my PH. Just a thought.
  2. squibley2

    Missing Bulb Anemone

    Anemones move to where they like it, not where you want them. Unlike other corals and things we add to our tanks anemone's move based on their needs. It should come out to a place where it can get the right amount of light and flow for it. This can take some time and I have lost alot of coral...
  3. squibley2

    Im new too

    Welcome, but be warned this is more addicting than crack!!!
  4. squibley2

    Lighting Questions

    I have a couple tube anemones and several bta in my tank clowns if they are wild caught will not normally host to a tube but will host to a bta and several other anemones just not really tubes. If the clown is tank bread then it will host to anmost anything leather, fragspawn, xenia, anything it...
  5. squibley2


    Well lets put it this way I am running 2 250s on my 55 so I would say go with 4! In my opinion there is no such thing as to much light as long as you can deal with the heat.
  6. squibley2


    I had a 20G set up and when I new I was going to upgrade I bought a bunch of cheap base rock and put it in the 20 to start turning it into LR and then when I set up the 60 I just got some more base rock that I got cheap and put that in and then moved the rock over.
  7. squibley2


    I would say if you are going to do a DIY light set up you build a wooden canopy a simple one would do fine and you can get wood cheap from someplace like Home Depot. Then what I did was I used a round heating duct pipe for my reflector. They are easy to polish up. If you need more info let me know.
  8. squibley2

    Anyone can ID these things???

    That sounds like a feather duster to me. That is how they act.
  9. squibley2


    Well lets see on the hobby as a whole I don't even want to think about it. But for my current tank lets see. Tank Free Stand Free Skimmer 220 Filter Free Lighting 380 Rock 50 Sand 80 Heater 20 Livestock 300-400 PHs 60 Misc 100 Total 1310
  10. squibley2

    How Much Is To Much????

    You would probibly be better off going with 2 250s instead of the one 400. I run 2 250s on my 55.
  11. squibley2

    How to: Iodine dip

    What exactly are you dipping?
  12. squibley2

    New and tons of questions

    As for the lighting you might want to look into a light that has 2 Metal halides one on each side so you don't get the shadow.
  13. squibley2

    Calcium Help!

    That depends on how you are dosing and what you are dosing with. Also before you keep dosing check you mg first because if this is off then you will never get your alk and calc where you want them. You want your mg at atleast 1200. I hope this helps.
  14. squibley2

    How to: Iodine dip

    The dosage I have used in the past is 1Gal of tank water and add 50Gals worth of Iodine and then dip for 15-20 mins.
  15. squibley2

    New and tons of questions

    I would definitely get the best skimmer you can afford and start running it when you add the rock. You don't have to do this but it will help cut down on the amount of nitrates caused by the cycle. I have to disagree with yote and caution you to not run the bio-wheel unless you plan on having a...
  16. squibley2


    I swear by the stuff and my fish go crazy for the arctic pods. Good color and huge feeding response. Even my yellow tang which doesn't eat anything apart from seaweed goes nuts for arctic pods.
  17. squibley2

    Calcium Help!

    I would test your magnesium, there is a relationship between Alk, Calc and MG. This should help you understand what is going on.
  18. squibley2

    red slime

    The slime is usually caused by having to high a levels of phosphate and silicate. And also by a lack of water movement. Here is an article from John about what it is and how to get rid of it...
  19. squibley2

    lighting suggestions?

    I would go with 1 250W 14K Metal halide over the center of the tank.
  20. squibley2

    New and tons of questions

    You are definitely right you need more rock then what is in the tank already. I also would say if the live rock you are getting is cured (it has been in an established tank for a while) then you should be fine to add it all at once. If the rock is uncured (fresh from shipping) if you add 40lbs...