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  1. tooned out

    56 Gallon Tall - Beginner Status

    I can understand why you might be a little defensive... That wasn't my intent.Actually your tank build and how you have gone about it just left me confused about which direction i was going to go.mostly because your pics and info make it sound like your tank is in good shape but you technique...
  2. tooned out

    Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

    Your tank looks fantastic. I like the layout of your rock.
  3. tooned out

    56 Gallon Tall - Beginner Status

    Hey there. I'm a complete noob to saltwater aquariums and I was reading your thread because I wanted to see what other new people are doing and how people have set tanks up.... I have no qualifications to criticize because I have no experience but I have a couple questions...and or comments for...
  4. tooned out

    My 46g Bow Front Tank by Sakura2282

    Your tank is looking great Sakura. I am just starting out also so it is very helpful to read your thread also.
  5. tooned out

    Dro and Mermer's first 29 gallon reef"

    I'm a complete noob just starting to set up my very first tank but I read your thread.. nice read by the way.. I happened to read something about tangs and lawnmower blennys being good for getting rid of hair algae. I have no idea if that helps but just thought i'd pass it along.
  6. tooned out

    Tooned outs 55g Tank

    here are a couple pics of what it looked like when I picked it up in the guys garage.
  7. tank 1.jpg

    tank 1.jpg

  8. tank 2.jpg

    tank 2.jpg

  9. tooned out

    Tooned outs 55g Tank

    I've had several fresh water tanks over the years but I have never owned a salt water setup. I spent many hours reading the forums and trying to learn some of the inns and outs of Reef tanks ect... Thanks to everyone who posts questions and answers on here they are very helpful. Soooo here we...
  10. tooned out

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Thanks for the warm salty welcomes :)
  11. tooned out

    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Hiya. I'm an old guy :) in Ok. I am completely new to the home aquarium hobby and am starting to research what to start with. I've been looking at a biocube or something like that hoping to start at a low cost entry to saltwater to see if I like it. I love the idea of a small reef tank or...