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  1. Nick

    Setup for sale: BEST OFFER

    Ohhhh.... come on......... LOL You mean to tell me that all of this stuff isn't worth $200.00 ? I paid more than that just for the RODI filter.
  2. Nick

    Setup for sale: BEST OFFER

    I live in the NYC area and am looking to sell my setup. Local pick up only. The system is as follows: - Standard 20 gallon tank. - Approximately 20 pounds of live rock. - Approximately 1.5 inches of sand bed. - Heater. - Hang on Aquaclear filter rated for up to 75 gallons. - 100 Watt T5...
  3. Nick

    Preparing for Vacation

    I'm wondering; what steps do you take to maintain your reef tank when going away on an extended vacation?
  4. Nick

    Injury or Illness

    I've been reading... It said that because the popeye is only one eye, it is likely due to injury. If it was water quality or illness, both would be effected. Multiple locations have recommended the addition of Epsom salt to the water. Is this true and if so, what is the correct dosage?
  5. Nick

    Injury or Illness

    I've got some additional photos. They give a better view of what the eye looks like...
  6. Nick

    Hermit Crab & Anemone Best friends video

    Great camouflage!
  7. Nick

    Injury or Illness

    "Pop-eye" does describe what I'm seeing. Are the pictures not viewable or is it just that they aren't a good shot of the problem? He doesn't seem to mind at all... he isn't stressed but I will say that he wasn't eating as aggressively as he normally does.
  8. Nick

    Injury or Illness

    It looks like one of my Tomato Clowns got punched in the eye... Its hard to describe; I've included photos... Is this an injury or is this some sort of eye infection? What should I do about it? #9517 and #7709 - You can see a head on photo: the right eye is black and normal but when you look...
  9. Nick

    There is something I don't understand...

    Let me repost those numbers.... the previous post was misleading... Specific Gravity - Current Water: 1.025 New Water: 1.023 pH - Current Water: 8.2 New Water: 7.4 Ammonia - Current Water: <.25 New Water: Not tested - Assumed 0...
  10. Nick

    There is something I don't understand...

    My weekly water change (25%) is due tomorrow. I prepared my water this morning and decided to test the new water going in to the tank tomorrow. Below is a comparison of my current readings and the new water going in... Current Water Replacement Water...
  11. Nick

    I've learned something...

    Education isn't cheap. For me, it isn't about the money as much as it is about becoming knowledgeable and understanding how to build and maintain a thriving reef tank. I purchased 5 coral frags about 5-6 months ago. Over time, all but two have withered down to nothing. Of the two that remain...
  12. Nick

    I've learned something...

    Water changes are more than just about reducing ammonia and nitrates. I've learned it is also about replenishing important nutrients. I've noticed that I must maintain weekly water changes to keep my Alkaline at acceptable levels for a reef aquarium. I've ordered Magnesium and Calcium test...
  13. Nick

    To Improve My Existing Setup...

    Display = 20 gal Total = 26
  14. Nick

    Effects of evaporation

    Google: "Aquarium Temperature Controller" and a host of choices will come up. I can't find the exact one I have as I purchased it a while ago (this is the second summer that I had it operating on the tank). It wasn't anything fancy; it was just a thermostat which had a 110 outlet. I dropped...
  15. Nick

    To Improve My Existing Setup...

    I've attached some photos of my current setup. If you wouldn't mind, please have a look and tell me what you think based on what you SEE. Give it to me straight... I can take it! #4570 is a head-on view of the tank. It is my understanding that all of the coralline algae is a sign of good water...
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