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  1. slwedge71

    frag tank idea...

    I would make them 2 single systems. Don't want the possibility of one going out of whack and taking the second with it.
  2. slwedge71

    pink tip haitian anemone

    Just make sure you get it out of the tank fast. They release toxins into the water that are harmful to the other critters. :death: Sorry to hear about your loss. Just make sure you don't use tap water any more. At 30 cents a gallon at walmart you can't go wrong for RO water. Also most LFS...
  3. slwedge71

    Wedge's 29gal cube

    Zebra stripe Flower nem....or a rock nem if you don't want to put in the fancy name.
  4. slwedge71

    DIY Acrylic Tank

    +1 Smitty
  5. slwedge71

    Wedge's 29gal cube

    Been awhile since I posted. Have done a few updates to the tank. Added some coral and got a new critter.
  6. slwedge71

    ϟ Crystal/James 90g Upgrade ϟ

    Very nice. Awesome build!
  7. slwedge71

    base rock

    I love that website. Only down side is it is so hard to navigate. I think the people got ahold of front page and just went crazy! :frustrat:
  8. slwedge71

    base rock

    No problem, just trying to help
  9. slwedge71

    base rock

    Here, go to this link. It will give you an idea on how to make your own base rock and what they are talking about, minus the curing of the rock in water. making base rock
  10. slwedge71

    350 and 150 in walls

    Nice !!!!
  11. slwedge71

    Zoa Sell-a-Thon

    I haven't seen a PM come through
  12. slwedge71

    cvcdrk's 29g Mini Reef

    Looking real good!!
  13. slwedge71

    RUnning RO/DI Water Lines Across House.

    Man I love this. DIY is the only way to go!!
  14. slwedge71

    PVC overflow help

    Go here. HOW TO: DIY Overflow - YouTube
  15. slwedge71

    Sump / Refugium Plans !!! What do you think

    On my sump/fuge I actually have a piece of filter that goes around my pipe that stops the water from splashing. The overflow box I bought came with an extra one that is round and hollow to fit around pipe. It works very well. When I get back to my house on Monday I will post a picture of it.
  16. slwedge71

    Sump / Refugium Plans !!! What do you think

    I don't know if it is possible on the "water in" side but it could back flow if power goes out on the return pump. I know from experience if you don't have a trap of some kind on the return pump to the tank or the pipe is not out of the water, it will back flow on the return side. Better safe...
  17. slwedge71

    Smitty's Reef

    Thanks man, I will go check it out. Was looking at some on BRS's website. I need to get one really bad. I am just using the siphon method with a valve for on and off. it sucks and doesn't keep my water perimeters constanent.
  18. slwedge71

    d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

    That would be awesome if he painted the wall behind the tank blue!!
  19. slwedge71

    Sump / Refugium Plans !!! What do you think

    Won't need the valve on the outlet for the sump. He is controlling the flow with the valve coming to the "T" and with one going to the fuge. However, you will want to make sure that your pipe stays above the water line of the fuge / sump.