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  1. JBowden

    New fish !

    Yeah, pictures, or it didn't happen!
  2. JBowden

    Biff's Seahorse Tank

    Well I'm jealous! I can't wait to see it!
  3. JBowden

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site!
  4. JBowden


    I first saw Charlie Hunnam in Nicholas Nickleby, and I was like "I gotta have a piece of that" LOL!
  5. JBowden

    Reef Cleaners

    Mine too!
  6. JBowden

    110 gallon shark safe?

    My LFS has 2 sharks in a 1300 Gallon... I don't know what kind they are, though. They're shark room is humidity controlled and sealed so the temperature and humidity can't escape.
  7. JBowden


    Jax as in Jax Teller from SOA? He's hot :D Anyway. Welcome to the site!
  8. JBowden

    this is for all breeders question

    Wow. I am going cross eyed.
  9. JBowden

    Got my list...

    Well, I wouldn't do a Scopas tang, or any of the HUGE fish on that list. A Scopas tang is estimated to get up to 12"...and that would like decimate your ability to have any other fish comfortably in there...
  10. JBowden

    Got my list...

    I think it might be a list for what CAN go in their tank, but they aren't sure what they want and want us to guide them in the right direction?
  11. JBowden

    should i get or not

    I'd never spend that much on fish. Heck, I'm not even ballsy enough to spend $70 on a fish, let a lone $350.
  12. JBowden

    Dying fish!!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can't say that enough. We're here, or you guys are because I don't know much myself, and when people ask for help, you guys tell them what could be the matter or what could be the problem or cause, and these people are like "blah...
  13. JBowden

    It Could ONLY Happen To Me :(

    If anyone ever threw up in my vehicle, I would probably never drive it again. I can't even be in the same house when someone is throwing up....
  14. JBowden


    Hello and welcome!
  15. JBowden

    Snails Doing Something Odd

    LOL! I laughed at all of em. I just think it's weird. They never did that in my 55. Tossed them into my 180 and then they all we're like "this is BS, we're not cleaning this...we didn't sign up for a 180 gallon." I like the Orgy idea better...hahah.
  16. JBowden

    Snails Doing Something Odd

    My big snails... not Tubro snails, I think they're Ceriths? Well, anyway. All of them are in a top corner of my tank and have been there for a few days. Are they having an orgy or something?
  17. JBowden

    Filtration ?

    I would do a sump. I used to run a Fluval rated for a 300 gallon... and I changed to a sump and noticed dramatic changes. There's plenty of information about them in the DIY section. That's where I got all my info.
  18. JBowden

    Dog face or corals?

    Yeah, no kidding!
  19. JBowden

    Hello everyone, newbe just saying Hi.

    Welcome to the site!
  20. JBowden

    Hi everyone!! Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself.

    Welcome to Living Reefs!