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    Update on cooked tank and a question

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    Coral help!

    anyone using red sea coral pro for their salt? I used to use reef crystal switching was the best thing I ever did. water parameters are soo much more stable.
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    Coral help!

    I had this happen. I pulled off about 30 stars from one colony. lost many many zoas. fixed the problem with a harlequin star fish assassin shrimp.
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    Coral help!

    same here.
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    Acans being eaten by a red algae

    acans are pretty strong. Have you tried blowing it off frequently with a turkey baster? I'd do that and direct feed it for a while. Maybe it will come back. If its the only thing doing bad I wouldn't change any of the set up,
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    Xenia quesion

    I rip it off the rocks and dump it into my sump. the only way to control it is to let other coral cover the rocks. I've had luck with zoas and palys blocking the zani from growing. All I really have to do is pick off a little here and there. The only other way I found was to let it grow upwards...
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    Best Coral Glue?

    and super glue gel wins!
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    Duncan Not Opening

    how did you get your algae under control?
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    Corals overtaking

    If its only a 12 gal, how can you have a problem with placement? Just about any basic t5 should cover the whole tank right? Water flow could be covered with one powerhead right? idk I had a 20 gal for my first tank and it was nothing but a headache. Way too many swings in water parameters. I...
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    cube tank? I just ordered a 20x20x20. Just go to the local aquarium store and ask them to place the order. Thats all i did. with rim cost me $115.