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    Clown fish tips

    I use frozen foods as well. And a good thing too is that they are not picky eaters at all. They even sometimes eat some of the sea weed I feed my tang :p. I feed my tank twice a day.
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    Freaking LFS - Lesson Learned

    thats why when i get water at a lfs i allways put my finger in it to make shoure it is freshwater :p
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    what are you feeding your tank

    Like everyone said, it is very inportant to feed your tangs some algie sheets, but it is even more important to do it if u are using carbon in your tank which i don't know if u are or are not, just throwing that out there :p.
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    Beaker the Bratty Blenny!

    dosent he know to never bite the hand that feeds him :p :p
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    Killing Mojano

    yah sadly they will prob die after the aptasias are gone, and maby even before if you have very few aptasias because they might not be able to find them. they are really good for tanks over run with aptasias but tanks with mild aptasias they will prob wipe out some of them but will in the end...
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    Killing Mojano

    i have tried to kill ones in my tank and i have done it to them over 8 times and they are still alive, one trick a person told me is taking boiling hot lemon water and with a serenge inject into the body of it. i guess it can work but the thing about these little annenomys is that they have...
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    Yellow Polyps

    no i dont thank they are rare, are you talking about the yellow colonial polyps ( parazoanthus gracilis) wich is the only type i know of, never knew they were hard to find D: they spread like weeds when u get them though :p
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    Snowflake eel

    The Snowflake moray eel is an active nocturnal predator. Its preferred prey is different types of crustaceans but it will occasionally eat fish as well. It will accept most meaty food types in the aquarium and should be fed a variety of different meaty foods such as fish chunks, shrimps, clam...
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    mini refugium

    wow that little in tank refugium is a good idea, but i allready guted a filter, put some mud in a mesh bag, put in some chato, and a piece of rock. i feed that tank alot, is there anything else i should do u think???
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    finaly got some :)

    yah i could prob do away with some of the stuff i get, and i plan to. i wish :p, my supplements go right down the drain, the sps and clams have me adding alot of calcium, akilinity, magnesium, ect
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    finaly got some :)

    i promise, we kept track of it, with phosguard, nitrate remover, polyfilters, new mechanical filtration, corals, mud, and supplements. i dont get how some people dont even spend 100 a week, i dont thaink i could even do that. and it is not my moneyb it is my dads, he is happy to support the...
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    mini refugium

    i want to make a little refugium on my 20 gallon tank i was wondering if i could take a little hang on the back filter, gut it, and fill it with macro algae like chato ( however its spelled ) and them put a little light over it, the mud is not required correct, is is just more work and just...
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    My Xenia is sick?? (Pic)

    that happened to mine too, they shrunk up into little nubs until eventualy over the course of about 2 months just competly shrunk away to nothing. all my water was fine. but just to possably help you out, xenia are very prone to damage by ioding, have u overdosed it or possably not have...
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    Protein Skimmer Suggestions

    also the new cone skimmer desighns are said to be better so i wuld recomend that style. i have hurd good feedback about them :D
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    got ta ask :p

    just one other thing i dont understand and have never been able to figure it out is why temp is important to salinity and specific gravity???
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    yah that is what i read, i was just worried that it might not be specific enoughf and i will make some large mistakes
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    ok i just read it, i want to make one, except i am still not shure how, or where it would go. but i dffnetly want one on my seahorse tank, and i want one on my 80 gallon too. what is the next step, i can tell that i will have a really hard time doing this :(
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    ok thank u everyone, i will take the time to read the thread now, culd i put one on my 20 u think, i am not that experienced in plumbing anything to do with aquariums yet??
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    got ta ask :p

    ok this has been driving me nuts. it is a queston relating to salinity and specific gravity. now, i know that specific gravity is the comparsion of a liquid ( in this case saltwater :p ) to that of pure fresh water witch has a density of 1.000 g/cm3. and salinity is the amount of ions in...