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    I use to have some up front in the tank... Lil guys, white insides, dark shells. then they moved behind the rocks... Id leave it. They are good!
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    DIY calcium

    Ive always used mrs. wages pickling lime, little vinegar, and water , the bam diy kalk
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    Can't Get My Salinity High Enough

    Did you season the hydro before you put it in use?
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    Light issue!

    no way to fix the ballast! I called lights of america and they said they are finiky and and small surge will burn the ballast up!
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    Light issue!

    We have 56 2x40 watt flourescent lights, we had a powersurge while they were on, and it fried all the ballasts. didnt affect the halides at all! thank the man above! Has anybody ever had an issue with this and what would you use to not have it do it agian. it was costly, bulbs made it though...
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    Ok, so heres where I'm at

    Ok how about one word---- e-bay-- i got a 150 gallon a day 5 stage ro/di for 100 bucks and a 4 96w retro kit for 40 i do some more shopping, im also a diy person i like it when you can say i made that hood,stand,sump,skimmer!
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    DIY Heater

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    DIY Heater

    I Have been searching all over the intranet and trying to find someone who has made a heater. What i am proposing is a water heater element on a thermostat, we have a 4 or 500 gallon system running on a jaquzi pump with a 220v in line heater on that and thats does superior job of keeping it up...
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    wet dry or refugium

    i do have adequate skimming im thinking the refugium oh and fish wise IT WOULD BE gobie or blenny something that is right at home
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    wet dry or refugium

    i was wondering what would work better on a 20 gallon tank with clove polyps zoos and some had corals. i have both ready to use just wondering what would benefit me better in the long run.thanks
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    sand bed swap

    Oh its been set up for a while and havent had any problems i belive that aragonite is the best for me.its been up for 1 year or more.
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    sand bed swap

    I was just wanting to know if you can take your sand bed out of one tank and put it in another , both 20 gallons one has a hole for a bung. the one with the bung is the one im gonna go to its aragonite 30 lbs any help is appreciated thanks! fish store is coming along guys there be info on it soon!
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    Fixing a crack!!

    We just aquired a 250 gallon long , but its got a ^ <--- crack that looks like that arrow top in it. now its half inch glass can we just put 1/4 inch glass over it and alot of silicone on the inside the build a bar up from the stand on the back for support on the back if we get time ill try to...
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    2x65 on workhorse 5

    picture the website is go to wiring diagram and click on twin bulb 2x55 watt 120 v thanks wont let me copy and paste
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    2x65 on workhorse 5

    hello just wondering what to do? everybody says use this diagram for 2 65watt 50/50 bulbs flat quad got the bulbs and plug just wiring im getting workhorse 5 ballast !
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    20 gallon lighting

    lighting so you got 130 watt on 20, so if i went to 130 i could do what i want then, oh and were getting this store rolling will have pics soon got alot done cant wait till its done though
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    20 gallon lighting

    Just want to know what wattage of light i need , dont want to go halide just yet but want to soon. i have 96 watt on there now and tank has been going since i joind. just want to know what i would need for succsesful sof, polyp, and stony's, if you have advice please reply, oh the light i have...
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    Storming Ahead

    Hood I was wondering do you have a custom hood made for the tank. I just put 2-175 watt on a 55 so 350. no chiller but temp stays 75-80. no hood just suspended lights right at the top of the tank. but its always 75-76 in the house. it stays semi cool.
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    White spots

    Amphipods I didnt have any in my ten gallon till i bought a piece of liverock that had little bugs on it. then they started apearing and know i have them all over , thats just my opinion.
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    What algae is good, best, or the worst. I got green purple, and a little red. I had some black because my puffer died and i couldnt find him then i found him in the sand, and quikly did water change, and other essential measures. sorry i havnt posted pics yet chris been working 12 hour days...