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    Percula clowns breeding already?

    My clowns host my magnetic glass cleaner as well. Really weird lol. I even have a nice healthy plate coral that would make a great host but they prefer the glass cleaner :/. Except it looks like I might lose my Orange Clown to Itch here soon.
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    Need HELP!! Emergency!!

    Well I tried the garlic thing and it did not make them want it anymore. If anything they did not like it. I bought some food that has treatment, it is made by Dr G. Either way my Orange Clown refused all food. It has been about 3 days since she has eaten. I will say though that the water...
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    Need HELP!! Emergency!!

    So what is the point of the garlic? Does it have certain nutrients the fish need or is it just an appetite stimulant.
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    Need HELP!! Emergency!!

    Johnny I am dealing with the same issue as you right now. See my similar thread. I am taking a gamble by using this stuff my LFS recommended. They are SUPER cautious there so I know they wouldn't point me into something that was super unsafe. It is called QuICK Cure. It probably only kills one...
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    Help with the ITCH!

    So when they say soak their food in garlic what do they mean? Like do I go buy minced garlic and drop in the pellets and frozen food into the garlic juice?
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    Help with the ITCH!

    My Black & White clown is eating and seems to be doing ok. My Orange one however is losing color, covered in ick and did not eat today. My neighbor said she ate last on Monday. I am worried that she will not make it. I am using this stuff called Quick Cure in low doses. My LFS said it is safe in...
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    Help with the ITCH!

    So a couple of weeks ago I noticed a few small white specs on my Orange Clown. Then about a week ago I noticed a couple on my Black & White clown and my Orange clown had even more. Well I went out of town this past weekend for about 4 days. When I got back I noticed that my circulation pump...
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    Name this coral

    Are we sure that is an Anemone? Or is that a torch coral? Ob_on3, you bought an Anemone and your tank is only like 1 1/2 months old?
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    cycling new tank

    Think of the Nitrogen cycle like a Human Centipede. Bacteria A eats Ammonia then poops out Nitrite directly into the mouth of Bacteria B who eats it and then poops out Nitrate, which is less toxic to living organisms. ->8->8->8- Certain plants, algae, and other organisms will eat the Nitrate...
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    35g hex tank update

    Ok people, I am all for telling him that you disagree but let chill out a little. We live in a free society and after all it is just a fish. It has a brain and nervous system the size of half a grain of salt. If people want to put this much effort into caring about living things then worry about...
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    Lights Lights Lights $$$ $$$ $$$

    That sounds about right. The fixture I am looking at, the ReefBreeder 24, has the full spectrum. The only thing is it has violets but not Ultra Violets. Their violets are at a different frequency than UV. They claim that alot of UV are not in the right frequency anyway. Will the violets in this...
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    where to buy acans

    Agreed, I live in Houston and I am going to Austin two weekends from now to a wedding with the girlfriend. Though I am not sure she will let me take a side trip to the fish store there lol. I drag her to enough of those here in Houston haha.
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    where to buy acans I found this site today. They have some awesome Zoa selections and had alot of colorful Acans too. Not sure if they are reliable.
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    35g hex tank update

    I am definitely not a nagger nor do I get up in arms about stuff like this. Shoot I am usually the one telling people it is "just a fish". But in this case I will say that to make matters worse your tank is hexagonal. This means that the Tang truly has even less room to swim than in my 40g...
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    35g hex tank update

    Quick someone call the ASPCA!!! Hahaha. On a sad not I think my orange clown has itch. I noticed a couple of tiny white specs on his body and alot on his fins. I will try and take a picture. My other clown and Flame Angel do not seem to have it.
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    Clownfish might not be eating?

    My clowns spit out alot of food the first week or so when I had them. I think they were getting used to the food and it may have been a little large for them. Now they are little piggies and eat anything. If they are little babies just give them time to adjust and grow a tad. I broke up the food...
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    I think the rest of you are spouting off stuff when you are not informed. Every LFS and website has always said not to use Distilled Water as it lacks any trace elements and is too pure. cvcdrk is the only one here who seems to be giving correct information. As he said you want the bottles that...
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    Lights Lights Lights $$$ $$$ $$$

    That's what I thought. Well I had my first loss of my tank this weekend. It was a little hammer coral I had for about 9 days. It was doing great and then all of a sudden it got nuked. My water parameters are fine (though Nitrates are around 5ppm). I even was slowly moving it up toward the middle...
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    Lights Lights Lights $$$ $$$ $$$

    Whats TC?
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    Moving a 55 gal at 8 months pregnant...

    I am glad you started this thread. I will be moving out of my apartment eventually and will probably stick with the same size tank. I thought about doing a upgrade in size but I might as well wait until I move into a house I own and will be staying put for more than 3 years.