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    A small tank evolves over a year and a half.

    Here is Aus we had a severe cyclone do a lot of damage around late January, this was at our Australia day weekend. The way my bottom tank looked and was performing till late January 2013 was great, it was a bit more work then I would prefer keeping it like that, till that Aus day catastrophic...
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    Anemone colouration/texture.

    You are more then welcome t look through the other underwater pic albums, I have made 7 so far with many more to come, the ocean provides a multitude of photo opportunities.
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    Anemone colouration/texture.

    Did you see the cuttle fish pics from the same day on my face book spot,they aren't all there, but I got pics of the cuttle couple relaxed, then another male came along and was interested in his girl, they fought for her, the looser came right up to the camera and looked so sad, there was...
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    Anemone colouration/texture.

    I don't know if any one keeps them, I have kept them before and they are very easy to keep and feed and on each free dive I do at three sites i would see maybe 10 or 20, they are more so in pools on the sand banks in very shallow waters. This one was of 4 I saw in this spot that I was swimming...
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    Anemone colouration/texture.

    One of my fav small species of anemones common in SEQ, beautiful pattern on its tendrils, sort of like snakes scales.
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    Why is my sand bed getting reddish brown algae?

    Diatoms are algae that are a very important part of the planktons phytoplankton and are closely related to protists and GFH/O is granulated ferric oxide-hydroxide,rowa phos is one. Phosphate sponge will take out some silica as well.
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    Cuttle cuties.

    Just had some cuttle fish hatch the other day and they are finally able to do their colour change bit. They are all practising colour changes; it appears they couldn’t do it till two days old. I tried to get them to fade in and out but until today, they couldn’t do it. Now they’re acting like...
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    Why is my sand bed getting reddish brown algae?

    Diatoms react greatly to silica and then nutrients; your substrate will have abundant silica in it. Try some GFH/GFO,it will help remove over abundant silica and reduce the diatoms via starvation. The brown is their “silicon from silica” husk that they leave behind when they go into their...
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    BioLoad Question

    Unless you are dosing carbon, then the surface has nothing to do with nitrate. As i said about the surface-Externally on the live rock, if there is encrusting coralline or anything else growing on it, then the “aerobic” cyclers will become reduced over time as well. Now not on the surface...
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    BioLoad Question

    Mate your bio load is totally controlled by how much media you have and where and how much ammonia you threw at it in the first place to establish bio communities that convert waste, which is the load. If your bio media is in the aquarium like live rock, then this media will cease to reduce...
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    Rose Bubble-Tip Anemone Reproduction

    I think its the leds that make the colours pop so much, it wasn't that bright in the ocean or in the bucket on the way home.
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    Rose Bubble-Tip Anemone Reproduction

    I had the same thing with my quadricolor. This is it at feed time. Waiting for food as usual. The youngster from the original This thing was so big it was killing my acans, so i get rid of the original now the youngster is to big in just a few weeks. In the wild our local common...
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    How many watts of led do I need?

    Find out if they are royal blue and cool or warm white or neutral white, what brand of leds like xp cree diodes or bridgelux, watts per diode, the degree of optics as in the lens around the diode that direct its light and is it fan cooled and does it have any light controlling like sunset as...
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    Dead or Alive

    Mate if the reason it bleached isn’t to serious like temp, unstable nitrogen cycle, flow or the usual reasons being lighting or nutrients, then feed it, an anemone doesn’t need its symbiotic algae to survive. Direct feed some planktonic life for a while and see what happens, if you do not feed...
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    New to Forums: Question about lights

    These work great but I left out the red leds and went with extra greens. 120 watt led light for two foot section of aquarium...
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    Clam it Up

    It depends on how you do it, this is from the front. The purple one tends to move around a bit.
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    Clam it Up

    They are very easy to keep as bifferwine has said. I hope you have leds over your aquarium, as clams need constant reliable light and resistance lighting fades and by the time you change the tubes or bulbs, the clams have suffered a great deal. They like nitrate and phos at levels that will kill...
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    Silly Cycling Question

    There are many forms of ammonia and subsequently many forms of oxidisers for these. The differences are extremely slight, but they are still there and part of the natural cycle of death to a elements and gas. That’s what matured bio filtering is all about, establishing an array of aerobic...
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    Sps showing it didn’t like the precipitation experiment.

    For short time I had been trailing varied amounts of dosing and temperature to try out phosphate precipitation to cal-phos. The levels that were tried and tried again differently each time eventually worked and what I believe to be the precipitation of phosphate from the waters binding to...
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    Evaporation and Humidity

    Sorry I forgot to put this in, if there is high humidity, there is near no evaporation as well.