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  1. KelliZackMOM

    MIA Fish

    If it's been 2 days, chances are your clean up crew already took care of it.
  2. KelliZackMOM

    anemone v cleaner shrimp

    Chichi, I have felt the same way about my coral banded shrimp. He can be a PITA because at feeding time he is like a monster truck all over the tank and knocks things over at times. I watched him monster truck right across my RBTA tonight. I have ony spot fed my nem once just out of curiousity...
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    Venus Flytrap looking thing...

    Looks like a scallop and brain coral to me
  4. KelliZackMOM

    fragging a kenya!!

    My Kenya has recently been growing like a weed all over my tank and I just pull the strays just like I would weed the garden. Just rip it out. On that note if anyone lives close to me and wants some Kenya let me know because lately I have been flushing a lot of baby trees. Don't have a LFS that...
  5. KelliZackMOM

    Dry Rock Bacteria

    Yes, the kind you would eat and make sure it is raw. Take it out once you see an ammonia spike which is usually about 24 hours give or take. A lot of us have used dry rock due to cost, but have seeded it with live. I believe the ratio is 1 pound live to every 10 pounds of dry.
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    DR Snowcasso Adult Pair

    Holy crap! is all I have to say
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    Red Honey Damsel

    55 gallon. Firefish, pajama cardinal, sixline wrasse, 2 black occelaris, starry blenny, and the damsel. Feed frozen cube every other day. Like I said everyone is getting along great. I haven't seen anyone hiding or being banished to the corner or anything like that. The blenny is just weird like...
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    Red Honey Damsel

    Thanks Lazicki, you are the only person I got any input from including another group I belong to. So far everyone seems to be getting along and it's been over a week. Only issue I had was my starry blenny went crazy and put on his war colors the 1st evening, but now is fine. He is weird like...
  9. KelliZackMOM

    Red Honey Damsel

    Scientific name, neoglyphidodon bonang. Anyone have any experience with these guys? Coolest looking damsel in my opinion, but I'm not finding a lot of info. Seems they are not real common in the aquarium hobby, but I am not sure if that is because they are just a rarer specimen or no one wants...
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    If you are seeing cyano, keep up with the changes. That is not something you want to let go. I had my cyano outbreak prior to and had it resolved before the period where I did nothing with my tank. If you are seeing bad things then keep doing the changes and suck as much of the bad stuff out as...
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    For what it's worth, hang in there. I struggled with my trates for the longest time. A ton of water changes using RODI water that tested 0. Tried different test kits thinking I had bad ones.Had sand, added skimmer, tried an algae scrubber. Stocked slowly. Only fed every other day. I was really...
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    Diamond Watchman Goby died or killed

    I'm gonna share my experience with a diamond watchman goby and clowns. I had my goby for a few months and he sifted all over the tank then as soon as I added my pair of ocellaris he began hiding in his cave all the time. I never saw any bullying but I assumed maybe the clowns got after him once...
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    KelliZackMOM's 10G

    Water is still a little cloudy. Ammonia 2.0 so I removed the shrimp.
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    KelliZackMOM's 10G

    Pics soon, but this is what I got going on. Started cycling with piece of raw shrimp tonight. 20 pounds live black aragonite sand 3 pound piece of live rock Hydor koralia 425gph powerhead DIY screen lid 3wx6 clip on LED(The light I was asking about. Not sure how it will do, but it was a deal. An...
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    Increasing Calcium and Alk using dosers

    What is your salinity? I was going between 1.023-1.024 also using reef crystals and my calcium was 340-360. Just by slowly(10% weekly x4 weeks) raising my salinity to 1.025-1.026 and maintaining it there my calcium now is 400. This is what my LFS told me to do and it worked. I thought I needed...
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    Amy and Zack's 55 gallon

    I was just looking through old pics and realized my stuff has grown. I wish it would grow faster because I feel like my tank still looks bare. I guess when you buy tiny 5-10 dollar frags it takes awhile. I'll be coming home from swap in a couple weeks with a bunch of stuff so that will help...
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