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    Hello from kansas

    2 up and running 1 cycling, I hope. You are in Kansas as well? What part?
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    Having trouble cycling.

    I have set up a new to me 90 gallon display.( see tank forum for description) I used DR. Tims one and only 16oz total. Then dosed with DR. Tims ammonium chloride per bottle directions. 4 drops per gallon. Figuring with sand and the internal overflow in the tank i only put 300 drops. Now my...
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    New to me. Looking for a manual

    This is the set up i am currently working on. It was given to me by my neighbor, yes i said GIVEN. It is an Oceanic 90 gallon with an Oceanic mobel 75 trickle filter plus. The systen is now set up in my dining room. In the process of cycling. I am pretty sure i have the filter set up correctly...
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    Hello from kansas

    Just want to introduce myself. I am Robert i live in Kansas and have been it the saltwater Hobby for a little over 2 years and still learning. I have 2 fowlr displays and a reef.