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    Start Up Costs???

    Maybe I can get both new and used price ranges so I can make a better decision. Thanks
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    Start Up Costs???

    Can anyone give me a rough idea what the start up costs would be for a salt water tank? With out skimping out. Maybe something around the 100-150 gallon range? Thanks
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    i'm new to this and haven't started a tank yet... but i have to say this is simply crazy....! great work...
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    Seahorse 101 - Please read if you are considering seahorses

    my god ... i want a aslt water aquarium so bad but the more i read here the more I do not want to do it... it seems so hard :(
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    Looking to Hire Someone In the Toronto Area...

    you know what... i agree with you... I was actually looking for someone to work with more than just setting it up for me. kind of like personalized help :) I want to be involved... it just seems very overwhelming but i love reef tanks so much! So if someone had an interest in doing so I'd be...
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    Looking to Hire Someone In the Toronto Area...

    Hi Guys, I am new here... but looking to find someone who may be interested in assisting me in possibly setting up a tank... I'd be willing to compensate you for your time. If interested let me know. I am from the Toronto area. Thanks! :mrgreen: