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    Stocking advice :)

    I have some troubles make up my mind about stocking my tank, and the people at the only decent looking nearby LFS confuses me... So, I want to ask you guys here =) I guess I can try to describe my tank, (and its condition): aquarium is allmost 75 gallon, but I like the idea of DSB so I...
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    Purple Tilefish Information / Spawning Questions

    About six months ago, I purchased a pair of purple tilefish (Hoplolatilus purpureus). This species has always been one of my favorites, but i've been hesitant to bring them into my aquarium because of their reputation as being somewhat difficult and poor shippers. When I saw the condition...
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    Starting a reef tank, need help!

    Welcome to the site !!
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    Bristleworm or Fireworm?

    I was rearanging and adding a few rocks in the aquarium the other day and then something strange happen. Suddenly several worms surfaced in several of the oldest rocks and started to spit red clouds in the water. Looked very fancy, like fire.. Fireworms?
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    Little Clown in Overflow

    Good job :^: You will get used with that for so long ;)
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    Dwarf Angelfish trouble - everyone has died!

    I am new to saltwater aquariums and this forum (My display tank has only been running about 4 months.) I have done my homework in terms of water chemistry etc. I use only deionized water adjusted to 1.022-1.023. I currently have 2 Tomato Clownfish, 1 Valentini Toby, a Bluehead Wrasse and 2...