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    Seven marine/reef aquarium books (Scott W. Michael, Robert Fenner, etc.)

    I feel like the starting price is fair, but I am open to other possible offers. Thanks. Lot of Seven Marine Reef Aquarium Books Scott w Michael Robert Fenner Etc | eBay This is a group of seven marine/reef aquarium reference books, all in very good or like new condition (see note on "Reef...
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    2.5g Office Pico

    I was thinking about a juice box tank.
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    45g cube aka The Panty Pit

    Nice. Keep it going.
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    265 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Brilliant. Love the small shelf
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    Teds 45 gallon mixed reef

    Great stuff
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    My first saltwater aquarium. 14g BioCube.

    Great start
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    Zybers project

    Good stuff
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    Amba's Dream Tank

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    ϟ Crystal/James 90g Upgrade ϟ

    Nice work
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    Regal Tang

    Sounds like an awesome tang. I wouldn't worry about it unless it's being overly aggressive or harming the other tank mates.