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    catalina goby

    I think i am going to opt out of getting one he has been at the lfs for about 3 months in reef temperatures looks really healthy but for the price and for the sake of it being in cooler temps to keep its life span long i am going to opt out
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    catalina goby

    Just ordered him !!!! he will be arriving next week :) so excited
  3. J Tell me, what I am doing right and what terribley wrong!

    how much is minimum wage there ?
  4. J Tell me, what I am doing right and what terribley wrong!

    300 dollars a month ! i would never make it a month off that !!! let alone have enough money to start a saltwater tank and live
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    Please help! Fuzzy mushroom fading

    Mine did that to sometimes up to a week then went back to normal, something must have just irritated momentarily it should be fine , i remember when mine did that for the first time i thought it was dieing but went back to normal after a week maybe even a little bit longer sometimes. My...
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    Blue spotted jaw fish

    Anyone have any experiences with them i am ordering mine in a few weeks and was wondering if there is anything key to know. I want to make sure before i make a decision on getting one since they are a little pricey. :):)
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    New Pieces

    nice pics :) but that's not gsp i don't think, i think its pipe organ
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    Hippo tang

    That's what i was thinking to was just curious if it was possible and to keep the fish happy. Thanks!!! for the advice :) i guess i will have to wait a while :)
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    Hippo tang

    I was just wondering what people think could you put a hippo tang if its very small in a 29 gallon for a while till it grows bigger then transfer into a 100 gallon tank later. Would like to get opinions before i do anything .
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    Newest piece

    such a sweet chalice im jealous !!!!!!!!!!
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    What to add?

    you should add a blue spotted jaw fish
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    thanks guys !!! :)
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    Hey all i finally back at saltwater again with a smaller tank though , would these lights be sufficient for keeping corals its a 29 gallon tank . Sunlight Supply Tek Light 4 Bulb T5 Fixture (24 Inch, 4x24W)
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    Witch light to get?

    i had the tek 4 light system and loved it had tons of coral growth and very dependable.
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    tank move

    yah i used the rock as well
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    tank move

    do i have to acclimate my inverts since i am only moving them literally like 4 feet into a diff tank or should they be fine ?
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    tank move

    i just started a 20g tank its been running for about 3 days now, i used about 50 percent water from my 55 thats been up over a year and 50 percent new , my question i plan on moving rock and corals into this tank from my 55g , should i be worried about anything and will i get a spike and kill...
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    no the one he linked is a 24" fixture.
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    Thanks dcan i am going to go with this one now !
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    I am starting a 20g reef and was wondering how many watts would i need for a fixture this is the one i am looking to buy Coralife 24 Inch AquaLight T5 HO Fixture (2-24W)