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    Why's my anemone crumpled

    Not to hijack a thread, but I've added an anemone this weekend and it hasn't really opened much either. Its also got a bunch of stringy stuff coming out of the mouth. Is behavior of regurgitating its insides also normal upon the first introduction to the tank?
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    I don't even think you'll have to worry about placement with a 360 over a 29, that will let you keep whatever you'd like
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    Noisy sump drain

    I have not, the way the lifereef is designed a filter sock would be difficult. I assume the idea is to use the sock to collect the bubbles / air as it comes out of the drain lines to try and quiet things down?
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    Noisy sump drain

    It's where the drain lines terminate in the sump, not the standpipe itself or the overflow
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    Noisy sump drain

    So I've got a pair of Durso standpipes on my tank ( the standard AGA plumbing kit) and the overflow itself is super quiet - but I can hear the drain lines emptying in the sump pretty much anywhere in the house I've tried dialing back the return pump and that didn't really help. Both drains...
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    can black itch live in your tank without host

    It can survive in a fishless system for several months. If you really want to get it out of your display tank, you need to pull all the fish out and let it run fallow as mentioned above. After that, you have to quarantine all new arrivals and keep LFS water out of your system.
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    Erin's tineh tank EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Yeah, its been one thing or another for quite a while - its been pretty frustrating. I've got the tank back running smoothly again - other than the dang gurgle in the sump where my durso's drain
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    apex fusion

    There are steps on neptune's site that allow you to use a laptop and connect it directly to the apex for the update for those than run the apex wirelessly and a hard line isn't available I just updated to fusion and I really like it
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    Erin's tineh tank EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Sorry to hear this Erin. If if makes you feel any better I had a tank crash while I was out of town and the power went out. I had switched cell phone providers and forgot to update my APex so I dint get notifications :(
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    BRS top off squeaky

    So of course the afternoon before I leave for a vacation my tank decides to have an issue I've got a BRS top off pump that is about a year old and today it started an awful squeak while running. It doesn't do it all the time, but when it does it sounds awful. It appears to be the roller...
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    trachyphyllia inflation

    If that photo is how it looks I'd say it's nothing to worry about, it looks good to me
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    Water change containers?

    The Brutes are usda listed for meat and poultry service. While not exactly 'food grade' rated I imagine the leeching shouldn't be of much concern. I did rise / wash it out several times to get rid of any mold release left from manufacture
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    Complete Disaster !!

    Zoas are pretty tough, they may come back after you get things back to normal. Have you considered a controller for your tank? They can control outlets ( the ones your heaters are plugged into for example) based on all kinds of things including temp. They also send email/ text alerts based on...
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    Water change containers?

    One of these days I'll get around to engineering something that will let me do water changes without hauling water up from the basement - in the meantime I think one of the brute cans will have to suffice
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    wontonflip's 125g build

    Nice looking fixtures Gretchen. If you change your mind, you'll easily be able to keep non softies with those
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    Erin's tineh tank EXTRAVAGANZA!

    If I can beat the cyano and the hair algae and get excited about my tank again you can too Erin!
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    My Emerald crabs suck....

    I've never seen an emerald eat hair algae myself
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    Alternative to UV Lighting

    Hanging a fixture over your sump won't accomplish much
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    Living Reefs Action Plan!

    I've been slacking lately in my participation as well, though I'm not as 'old school' as some of the other members here. I was frustrated with some issues I was having with my tank but I've recently worked those out. I'll make an effort to be more active on the site
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    Water change containers?

    So, my rubbermaid storage container I had been using for the last few years decided to pop a seam while I was in the process of hauling water upstairs for a water change. Several towels and a very upset wife later the mess was all clenaed up. Thankfully it happened while I was around and able...