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    Homeschool project

    We purchased our live rock from Tampa Bay Saltwater. They hooked us up with all sorts of fun stuff in our "package". In addition to the items listed as part of our purchased product Richard sent us a royal gramma, a flame scallop, some flower anemones and a super cool decorator crab. The rock...
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    Homeschool project

    My wife and I are studying marine biology with our 7 children for a homeschool project. This tank will serve for observation and the kids are already researching and writing papers on their experience thus far.Leopard wrasse, flame angel, royal gramma, blacker ice clown
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    What the PH...?

    Once I added the awesome package of live rock from TBS the tank cycled quickly and PH adjusted on it's own. We're good to go. Thanks for your reply
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    Carib Sea Life Rock - worth the hype?

    I just ordered from TBS.. Should be sick - great reviews. Good luck. What did you decide to go with? I just noticed how old this post
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    How much live rock?

    Most people suggest 2 pounds per gallon. That's the formula I'm going with anyway. Good luck.
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    What the PH...?

    Getting the new reef rolling. PH measured low at 7.8 so I added some buffer to raise that up... or so I thought. Tested this evening a day later and it dropped it to 7.4? Frustrated. I want to add some rock to get this thing cycled but I can't even get my water where it needs to be. Any...
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    Tank Talk

    What do you have? What would you buy if you could afford it? I'm looking at the Red Sea or the JBJ rimless. If and when I get this reef going it will most definately be an AOI so my wife can sleep at night. Does anyone have that JBJ 45? What are the pros and cons? Just curious what you...
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    TBS - anyone tried?

    After 4 years off, I'm thinking of setting up another reef. Anyone tried using TBS for their live rock? Looks like a cool package. Talk to me
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    Class project - biocube

    Our homeschool co-op has started a reef tank for the kids to study. What an awesome science class this has been. The tank has been up and running for about 2 months. We only recently started adding coral and fish. The terrible ich struck immediately and wiped out our fish population so we...
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    School project

    No copper - they boast a reef safe parasite treatment. Trying to see if anyone actually has any experience with it.
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    School project

    The single emerald crab we have is doing an amazing job. The mexican turbos are going crazy on everything else. It's cleaning up nicely. We suffered our first loss unfortunately - the coral beauty angel was swimming erratically from the beginning, bobbing up and down etc.... then we added the...
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    We have some "Medic" solution water conditioner from Polyplab. Has anyone tried this product? They boast a reef safe parasite treatment. I think I'll give it a shot to see if I can lick any future fish loss.
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    He has been goofy since the first day. No spots, he was eating fine then he decided to give up the ghost. Anyone see bloating like that though? I've never seen it