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  1. mennazeher04

    Fluval EVO 4 Month Update

    The tank looks great. Keep up the good work! I am in the process right now of doing a rebuild on my 120gal tank after being dormant for like 5 or 6 years. I cant wait for mine to finally start up.
  2. mennazeher04

    my goni

    Looks Awesome! Nice work!
  3. mennazeher04

    Take a video tour through a pristine coral garden

    Amazing video! Thank you for sharing it with us and welcome to the community.
  4. mennazeher04

    new 14g biocube

    Very nice. Those ponys are awesome looking.
  5. mennazeher04

    My Z and P Collection

    Those are awesome looking zoas man. I cant wait to get my 120g back up and running. Congrats on the new additions.
  6. mennazeher04

    November POTM Entries

    great pics to everyone. That bubble coral is amazing dennis, great shot.
  7. mennazeher04

    3 molts in 3 days

    That would be a very weird but interesting thread. Sounds good andersoned14
  8. mennazeher04

    My mystery guest

    is any way that you could take the rock out that it lives in? If you can take the rock out that its in then he might jump out so you can get a better pic of him.
  9. mennazeher04

    FTS thread

    everybodys tank looks great.
  10. mennazeher04

    October POTM Entries!

    great pics to Dennis and Brian.
  11. mennazeher04


    very nice pics. The brain is very nice looking. I love
  12. mennazeher04

    Clean Up Crew Help

    +1 Brian
  13. mennazeher04

    Sand question......

    got another question that i just thought of. Will my pink/blue spotted goby and my scooter blenny be ok without sand. I know for sure that my goby eats frozen food but my blenny never comes out to feed when im feeding to the other fish, he always just grazes the sand and rocks i guess for micro...
  14. mennazeher04

    Sand question......

    Thanks Dcan, I like that idea and i think im going to do it. Now the only other question is what do I do about the all the critters and stuff in the sand like bristleworms, nassirus snails, etc.? Do I try to pick them out carefully or.....? Thanks again.
  15. mennazeher04

    Sand question......

    The only reason I was thinking of going with a sandless bottom is because i have the hardest time trying to keep the sand clean. I have nassarius snails that are suppose to stir the sand but everytime i look in the tank (which is all the i see their little snouts sticking out the...
  16. mennazeher04

    Sand question......

    Yea Brian I have seen alot of tanks that dont have sand in them and I have seen alot that have black. I like both options but im thinking i like the sandless bottom the most because it helps to have less nasty build up in our tanks from i have heard.
  17. mennazeher04

    Sand question......

    Hey everyone got another question but this one is about my sand. Right now me and my fiance are on the hunt to buy a home and when we finally buy our home i will have to move my 120gal from my moms house. My question is when i move everything can i just completely remove the sand all together or...
  18. mennazeher04

    Aaron's 125g Move/Build - 1st Timer Here!

    I love the black sand. The tank looks great and looks like everything went smoothly so congrats and cant wait to see it progress.
  19. mennazeher04

    JAG's 110 tall RE-build thread

    very nice turn around on the tank man. Everything is looking great.