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  1. grumpy

    Repairing cracked side panel

    At the bottom, maybe 1/2" from the frame
  2. grumpy

    Repairing cracked side panel

    I cracked the side panel on my 120 gallon tank. I'm just wondering if I can just have a piece of glass cut to the inside dimensions and silicone it to the existing glass ? The crack is at the bottom of the panel.
  3. grumpy

    Help identifying SPS that came on cured live rock.

    Looks like it could be star polyps to me
  4. grumpy

    Finally got my angel

    That's a beautiful fish
  5. grumpy

    29G stand made out of wine box panels

    looks nice,. what made you decide to use wine crates?
  6. grumpy

    New Fish Kole Tang

    Once in awhile I'll give my tangs and angels either collard greens or apeice of zucchini. They love it.
  7. grumpy

    Falcula Butterflyfish in a 180 reef?

    I've had my copperband for a year. I've been lucky that he eats frozen mysis shrimp and I also feed a frozen blend made for butterflies and angels. I also keep plenty of pods in my sump/refugium. Sorry can't help with info on the falcula.
  8. grumpy

    Question on Pricing

    starphire is nice but it scratches just as easily as acrylic.
  9. grumpy

    Copperband Butterfly

    i've had 1 in my 320 a year now and it has'nt messed with any coral "yet". but i also keep my fuge full of copepods. so far so good. good luck if you decide to get one
  10. grumpy

    Upgraded from Red Sea Max 250 to Aqua Medic 120 Gallon

    that's a sweeet tank you have there
  11. grumpy

    Feather duster and other questions.

    how about a goby ?
  12. grumpy

    Sigh... bummed :(

    you could try a copper band butterfly.
  13. grumpy

    getting my first anenome

    those are btas. i've seen quite a few like that in person,and on other forums.
  14. grumpy

    I have a 110G deep tank

    look on craigslist and ebay. some times you can find pretty good deals on both sites. that way you can save your $ until you can afford what you really want. that's just my:twocents:.
  15. grumpy

    I hope this is not what i think it is...

    it looks like aptaisia. peppermint shrimp don't always get the job done. get som joe's juice or aptaisia x just in case.
  16. grumpy

    What are these??

    aptastia. use joe's juice or aptasti-x to get rid of it.
  17. grumpy

    Good or Bad anemone or is it a anemone at all?

    looks like mojano to me.
  18. grumpy

    new fish

    he said they were wild. that's why they've never been in a tank.+1 the rubberband and the rock, that's how my tangs eat.
  19. grumpy

    anemone id

    could be a long tentacle anemone
  20. grumpy

    500 Gallon Tank!

    you only need to read half the to pages to see sweet this monster is.