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    New to site

    Welcome to the site. There is a lot on knowledge that comes from this group.
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    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the site. As you can see that there is a lot of extra discussions in this thread. We are generally a close knit group, so don't mind us. There are quite a few people that know their fishkeeping in this blog. My advice is go as slow as possible. I know it is difficult, but make...
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    Great site...Glad to join

    Great thanks. Along with the others I think that you are a great resource. What are you going for in your PhD? Marine Biology?
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    Great site...Glad to join

    Still learning the whole program. This website is awesome!!!! Did this just start off with just a few friends? Thanks for your help. I may start with them. I hope I didn't piss off the Biff on another thread by saying that I didn't really care for PetCo or PetSmart. I just prefer to keep our...
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    Great site...Glad to join

    I would like to start out with some LPS in my bottom tank. What would be some good starters? I am looking at: Fire and Ice Zoas Eagle Eyes Zoas Atomic Green Zoas Red Eye Favia maybe a piece of Hammer Coral Thoughts?
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    Banggai Cardinalfish

    You got something from Petco? Wow. Did that once. Never again. I actually get my fish straight from the distributor. Way too many $$ to get from Petco. There are some very reputable distributors online that will work out a pretty good deal for you. I also have a LFS in the metro area that...
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    Hello from London (Canada not the UK... or Texas).

    Another thought is the pleco on one of your ornaments? I had a Royal pleco that I thought was gone. Dug through the whole tank, taking quite a bit of the structure out...threw it all back in and it showed up again. I wouldn't think that it would have jumped out of your tank. Look again...
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    Great site...Glad to join

    I plan on turning my bottom tank into a reef tank...many, many questions. All of the rock that I have in both tanks is live rock. I have just been checking out what hitchhikers I have. I kknow that I have bristol worms. I have heard that they are bad. True? I have access to a trap if need...
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    Great site...Glad to join

    Hello all, I am relatively new at the saltwater hobby. I have actually have had freshwater tanks since I was around 10 years old. (Several years ago). I wanted to be an ichthyologist in college but ended up with a business degree. I had about 10 tanks in my dorm room, ranging from a 10...