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  1. Species8472

    Sharing some pics.

    Hi Becky, glad you liked my photos. Things are good just been busy :-( How are things with you?
  2. Species8472

    Sharing some pics.

    Hi, i shoot with Canon 60d with 100 mm macro lens. Pics. taken in av mode with different iso to get a decent shooting speed. Thanks for looking.
  3. Species8472

    Sharing some pics.

    Hope you like them.
  4. Species8472

    POTM December 2014 Winner

    Thanks everyone. Very nice pics.
  5. Species8472

    POTM August 2014 Winner

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Species8472

    POTM July 2014 Winner

    Very nice picture Lesley. Congrats.
  7. Species8472

    July POTM - Oranges or Yellows

    My Yellow Tang
  8. Species8472

    POTM May 2014 Winner

    I like the way it was photographed from the side. Congrats!
  9. Species8472

    May POTM - Voting Time!

    lol Thanks! Good luck everyone.
  10. Species8472

    My sixline wrasse

  11. Species8472

    Testing out new 60D

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. :-)
  12. Species8472

    Testing out new 60D

    Great camera, just wish the buttons had a better solid feel to them when you press on them. Besides that I love it !
  13. Species8472

    Testing out new 60D

    yes I'm using the Canon 100mm f-2.8 macro
  14. Species8472

    Testing out new 60D

    It's xenia and that was taken under just blue and uv light. Thanks for looking :-)
  15. Species8472

    Testing out new 60D

  16. Species8472

    March POTM - Pinks, Reds or Purples

    My purple bonsai