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  1. bruster45

    First Sump design

    I got a hang on overflow when i decide to do my bigger yank I'm going to drill and add bulkheads
  2. bruster45

    skimmer staying full of water

    I have Coralvue HB50 and I can' seem to keep the collection cup from filling with water. As of now it is used as a HOB but I am building a sump for it to go in. Where am I making to wrong adjustments?
  3. bruster45

    First Sump design

    looking at it after I got off work I was considering shortening the baffles to 10 but raising the one at the refugiun an inch or so. the sock filter will be more of a box at the back but raised up as well so water passes under.
  4. bruster45

    First Sump design

    I'm going to do away with the last baffle and also make a 6x6 section for the intake to hold a filter sock in the skimmer chamber. this is in a 20 gal high first glass will be 13 inches tall the other two 11 inches tall.
  5. bruster45

    Building my first sump. Questions????

    I'm just now getting back into the hobby after a failed attempt 15 yrs ago. this time reading and learning all I can. I'm building a sump for my 29 gal. My question is, is there a specific guideline on how the design should be? I'd like to have a filtersock where the skimmer will be and make a...