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    good paneling for tank stands?

    is melamine a good panel to put on fish tank stands?
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    rescaping and removing sand help

    great, how big of a water change would you recommend every time? 10%? Also, how long should I wait between each water change?
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    rescaping and removing sand help

    I have corals, invertebrates and a cleaner shrimp in the DT, so I do not want to start another cycle. Is there any way to remove the sand without starting another cycle? Wouldn't the live rock be plenty to keep the tank from going through a cycle?
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    rescaping and removing sand help

    hey everybody, long time no post! I am going to be rescaping my tank with rods and making it a really great aquascape. In doing so I want to remove all the rocks and I want to siphon out all the sand, put my new aquascaped rock back in place and then put the rinsed out sand back around the...
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    new 56 gallon column reef tank

    hi, yes mine is also 30 inches wide, it's the marineland 56 column tank. I actually have 4 T5's and all my corals have done great. I have a few sps at the top, a bunch of lps and a bunch of zoos. I have yet to lose any coral except a leather coral (emerald crabs kept clawing and walking on it...
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    longfin fairy wrasse missing

    I looked in the sump but didn't see him, he was also not in the filter sock. It does seem like the fairy wrasse is a bit timid around the angel. He would flair his fins and the flame would just swim over by him, then the wrasse would swim away. I never observed any nipping or anything and the...
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    longfin fairy wrasse missing

    about 2 months. I changed the rockwork 2 weeks ago, very different now. Then I added a flame angelfish and yellow headed jawfish, they seem fine together.
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    longfin fairy wrasse missing

    I have not seen my longfin fairy wrasse at all tonight, even when I fed the fish. This is really unusual. Could he be hiding or could he have died and is stuck in the rocks? I have a screen on the top of my tank.
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    new fish!

    I have seen my jawfish several times tonight. He is building a burrow inside the rockwork and is hard to see. He has swam out for about 1 second a couple of times so I got a glimpse of him. Is there anyway I can get him to build his burrow in front of the rocks so he is easier to see? I have...
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    Stock List 2.0 Opinions

    looks like a good stock list.
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    new fish!

    Just got a flame angelfish and a yellowhead jawfish. The flame angelfish is very active, moving inside and out of the rocks and all over the tank. The jawfish swam straight into the rockwork and I haven't seen him at all, even when I fed the fish. How long to you think it will take until I see...
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    Oh Noes! Mah Fishie Is Sick!

    I'm sorry for your loss, I have also been having troubles with my tank lately (fish dying) so I understand.
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    My progress so far!

    Welcome to the site!
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    another newbie

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    Salt brand

    Reef Crystals
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    found wrasse in sump

    lol, thanks guys
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    found wrasse in sump

    I found my longfin fairy wrasse in the sump just a little while ago. Lucky for him I didn't have my filter sock in. I put him back in the MT and he seams a bit tromatized. He is hiding underneath my donut coral. Will he be ok? I have a screened top on my tank and he must have tried to jump and...
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    stocklist suggestions

    Hey all, The past month has been kind of upsetting in my tank. At one point I had the following in my tank: 2 ocelleros clownfish 1 royal gramma 1 yellowtail damsel 1 multicolor angelfish This was also the order in which I stocked my tank over 5 months. I took my time in adding all of them...
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    concerned about new yellow watchmen goby

    I called the store and the only thing they will do is give me 30% off if I went to get another one. I'm not to happy about that. I don't think I am going back to this store.
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    concerned about new yellow watchmen goby

    Do you think this is something the store I bought it from might warranty?