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    That depends on how dirty its getting. If the water level is rising towards the top of the sock then its time to change
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    Overflow boxes

    Not sure if that would be feasible or work. You didn't mention if you have hang on overflows or built in ones. If they are hang ones. get yourself some acrylic sheets and cut some lids for the open section on top. Makes a big difference in the splashing noise
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    Cycling question

    Not really, I found nothing good comes out of hurrying this process.
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    Orbit ramp timer

    Found one, please close thread
  5. Reefrookie

    Orbit ramp timer

    Looking for a used Current Orbit Marine LED ramp timer
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    Easiest (reefsafe and not) starfish to care for?

    I have had a striped serpent for years with no problems
  7. Reefrookie

    Best Aquarium Heater out there?

    I have been running 2 Eheim Jager heaters with a Ranco controller for several years with no problems yet. They have been very reliable for me.
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    Salt creep eliminator

    Not sure what that additive would do to a protein skimmer
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    Paly/Zoa Question

    They are definitly looking for more light
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    Potter's Wrasse

    Northstar is correct, They are gorgeous fish, but after trying my luck with two different species of leopards, I would only get another one from an established system. IMO, It's just not fair to the fish to have one and watch it waste away and not be able to help it
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    Drastic color change kole tang

    That pic looks just like mine. She looks more purple/burgandy when the the actinics are lit at dusk and dawn
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    Adding Damselfish to cycle a tank?

    Just put a raw table shrimp in the tank and get the same results
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    trying to find replacement t5 bulbs

    Call here. They are tops for all types of lighting supplies: Reefgeek - Home page
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    heater recomendations

    I run two 300 watt submersible Jager heaters in my sump using a Ranco control. Temps fluctuate between 78 and 80 with no problems. Two 500s would be plenty. I would look into getting a control.That's one less thing you have to worry about if one of your heaters fail to turn off
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    Green Star Polyp

    This is what I did also. Just keep it trimmed and away from any other rock work
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    HELP! My Nem Split?!?!

    Shouldn't be an issue. They look fine. Mine have split several times
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    Wave controler vs standalone power heads

    I have been running 4 Koralia heads (old style) with a Saio controller for about 2 years with no problems. The controller works by alternating the power to 50% from one powerhead to the other instead of turning it off, which will shorten the life of the powerhead. I don't think a wave maker is...
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    Now and then

    Not surprised at ARE the coral whisperer! :bowdown:
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    Current Nova Extreme Pro 6xT5 48"

    I agree, I have the 72" Nova Extreme Pro on my 125 and it works just fine
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    Christmas Wrasse

    I'm sure he is still in there. He will come out when he's ready. I wouldn't go digging around, you may hurt him!